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The wait is finish. is complete. For all of you who have been waiting patiently the fun is going to begin.

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Seven Suns

I usually have real great ideas which could melt all the epical adventures to sludge, but im jsut too darn lazy to write them. So here's a sample.

shikaramu>its for me toknow
shikaramu>i keep monitering your status for a reason of enormous proprotions
shikaramu>the existance of life as we know it depends on it
rau> ehentha?
rau> since how long ago?
shikaramu>since the prophecy was proclaimed by the blind man with one leg
shikaramu>everyone thought he was crazy at first because he always peed in a cup
rau> since how long ago was that?
shikaramu>but then his prophecy of the seven suns became true
rau> which said what
rau> ?
shikaramu>isnt it weird your prohecy was told by a guy who pees in a cup
rau> shud it be?
rau> there are wierder pple roaming the surface of this earth
rau> anekka was this guy from below the surface?
shikaramu>no he lived in india
rau> tamil is he?
rau> by the name of vampathi patel?
shikaramu>thats your boyfirend
shikaramu>it also connects to the prophecy
rau> according to u n nabeeh apparently yeah.. but ive no ideaof the existence of such a person
rau> so what does the profecy say?
rau> i gotto try n fulfill my destiniy
shikaramu>thats because all this time you have been living a lie
rau> which lie is that?
rau> ure tryin to change the subject here... im askin what the prophecy says
shikaramu>i cant
shikaramu>in time you shal know
rau> whats this u cant do?
shikaramu>i cant tell you the prophecy
shikaramu>im jsut the guardian
rau> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rau> so ure the guardian of the prophecy
shikaramu>im the guardian of the cosen
rau> so then tel me whats this lie ive been living?
shikaramu>im also in the prophecy apprently
shikaramu>i was trianed ever since i was born to protect you
rau> is that how u come in?
rau> as my protector?
rau> to protect me from what?
shikaramu>i come form a long line of clerical mages
rau> whatever in the world (or out of it) is that?
shikaramu>creators of magic and keepers of magical creatures
shikaramu>mymother was the supreme sorceress
shikaramu>and my father was 5th knoght of the seven suns
rau> ok
rau> so bak to the original Q... what are u supposed to protect me from?
rau> which is?
shikaramu>the 3rd sun
rau> whats the thrid sun gonna do to harm me?
shikaramu>the seven suns are gods of erptius
shikaramu>our home world
rau> get to the point.. hows the 3rd son gonna harm me? what are u prtectin me from?
shikaramu>edipus jermine ehpilius corniline humerous evremine and the unkown...
shikaramu>the seve gods which created erptius
rau> im interested in ephilius
shikaramu>let me tell you about the prohecyof the seven suns
rau> (sigh)
rau> im listening
shikaramu>its realevent
rau> ok ok
shikaramu>after the creation oferptius the people were given to choose a god to follow thier destiny
shikaramu>evryone chose a god except no one chose the unknow because he didnt want to lead any one
rau> and then?
shikaramu>so the unkown vanished
rau> ok so now there are 6 Gods
rau> ?
shikaramu>then after billions of years of life
shikaramu>a war broke between all the gods and the men who follow them
shikaramu>but the war to end we need the seventh god present and fight to the death
shikaramu>but no one knows where the seventh god is even
shikaramu>so a unity was clled among the groups and a band of 7 knights was formed to find the unknown
shikaramu>even thought it was war because of the unity thses seven men were untouchable anyone who got in thier path was damned by all the gods.
shikaramu>but human as they were corruption brewed in thoses of the feeble mind
shikaramu>the 1st 2nd adn the 6th broke off with thier power and made legions of thier own
shikaramu>theyare now huge warlords
shikaramu>the rest of the clan attemted to stop them but was forced back because they were ruthless as they were fierce
shikaramu>the 3rd and the 4th die in the clash
shikaramu>and the 5th and the 7th left alone to find the unknown
rau> and ure dad is the 5th
rau> but if the Gods gav power to the knights why are u protecting me from a God?
shikaramu>but the others wanted to stop them because they know if they found the 7th thier unity will be no more and every one else will rise up against them
shikaramu>the gods arent fighting themselves
shikaramu>they are makingthe humans do the batle
shikaramu>ill get to that part later
rau> ok
shikaramu>so sumhow the 5th and the 7th found the unknown and he needed a follower to fight for him.
shikaramu>so the seventh went with him to learn the unknowns teachings
shikaramu>the 5th went in to hiding
rau> meaning ure dad...
rau> how bout u n the rest of his family?
shikaramu>a knight doesnt have a familyyes and this time
rau> why do u refer to him as ure father and mother ?
shikaramu>madukoh bala
rau> ok ok
rau> mi inee madu kohgen
shikaramu>then 7th returend with his teachings was later dubbed the gara
shikaramu>then after sum years the idiot who pees in a cup said a nother prophecy
shikaramu>i cant say it now
rau> ok
shikaramu>then my dad got marreid to my mom who was a folower of evermine
shikaramu>the god of magic
rau> im waiting.. dhen kihineh vee?
shikaramu>then prophecy aneh bai kyaa dheveykah nethey
rau> this is not prophecy ba eh noonehnun
shikaramu>well the new prophecy starts here
shikaramu>so i cant say any more
shikaramu>but the old prophecy ended as the warlords unity was destroyed
shikaramu>but the war of the gods still rages on
rau> warloads were those 7 knights right?
shikaramu>because of the next prophecy
shikaramu>yeah actually 3 of them
shikaramu>2 died
rau> yeah n ure protecting me from the 3rd God
shikaramu>the other 2 lived

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Earthbound Human-oid!

Well its almost summer break and most of my friends are leaving or left to go back home. The facination one gets when the thought of going back home rises through your spine like a dandelion in the spring...

Er.. I dont know what thats suppose to mean . But it did sound interlectual.
Anyways for the people who havent gone home in ages will be so excited. All these questions floating inside their heads. How will home look like? Has it changed? Is the Islaameemarukazu now made of metal? I headerd that the streets are now paved so do we walk without our shoes on?

"haaaanhaaanhaanhaaaaaan...... haaaanhaaanhaaanhaaaaaan!!!" (ahem.. a little inside joke)

But still have a great break all of you and hope you guys have fun with your loved ones family and friends.... :D

I just realised that this post has no whatsoever correlation to the headding...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dhivehisoft Wants You!!!


We are undergoing some major updates with and we are looking for young and enthusiastic volunteers who can create Mobile themes, Mobile Wallpapers, Ringtones, Dhivehi (Flash or Static) Ecards, Guitar Tabs, Lyrics, Windows Themes, Desktop Wallpapers, and many more.

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This is the time to show your artistic talents. Lets see how other dhivehisoft members think about your creations...

Dhivehisoft Management
November 8th, 2005

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Yet Another One...

I think I have too much time on my hands. This quiz from I like coz my personality came up as the legendary Captn. Jack Sparrow :D:D:D:D:D

You scored as Captain Jack Sparrow. Roguish,quick-witted, and incredibly lucky, Jack Sparrow is a pirate who sometimes ends up being a hero, against his better judgement. Captain Jack looks out for #1, but he can be counted on (usually) to do the right thing. He has an incredibly persuasive tongue, a mind that borders on genius or insanity, and an incredible talent for getting into trouble and getting out of it. Maybe its brains, maybe its genius, or maybe its just plain luck. Or maybe a mixture of all three.

Captain Jack Sparrow


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The Amazing Spider-Man


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with

Friday, November 04, 2005

Im A Puppy?

hehehehe... I really dont know what I was thinking when I did this :P
You Are A: PUPPY!

puppy dogBeloved by all, puppies are energetic, playful, and loving. Your playful and outgoing nature is part of what makes you a puppy. Known for their loyalty, puppies make great pets for young and old alike. And an innocent puppy face can melt anyone's heart!

You were almost a: Monkey or a Duckling
You are least like a: Chipmunk or a GroundhogWhat Cute Animal Are You?

How can i have been ALMOST a monkey? or a duckling???? Update : Heads Up!

I thought People should know what to expect from the website. Heres some of the things you can expect.

  • Playable online games.

  • Downloadable dhivehi songs.

  • Updates on the latest gadgets and cool stuff.

  • Downloadable games.

  • Creative arts. and many more...

  • Stay checking for more updates.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Change Your Windows Boot Screen

    You know that boring black window which comes up when the computer starts windows. Heres how you can change the boring screen in to something which would more probably suit your taste.
    Ive been searching through the net for a software to change my boot screen, there are lots of softwares which can change the boot screen of your computer, the most efficient software to my taste i found was Bootskin, a software from Unlike other programes it doesnt interfere with the xpsystem, but works on its own so making it a very safe programme to run.
    You can download the programme from this link

    After you have installed the programme you can run it and select the bootscreen you like from the list given. You can also download many other custom bootscreens from
    click this link to download form the thousands of bootscreens they have.

    Here are some cutomised bootscreens to download.
  • Kill Bill

  • Doom 3

  • Xplastic

  • Dreaming Of Aliens And Stars
  • Bandey Dot Com

    Finally after months of perspiration and headaches, strained eyes and sore necks, ive been able to finish the mozilla friendly version. My first design was too cumbersome and had too many faults. was not that user friendly and i wasnt just that happy with it.
    However my second design i kinda liked it becoz of its sleek lines and smooth look. im quite happy with it. but i still havent put all my useful links and put the finishing touches. i just thought i should put this up so atleast my blog wont look incomplete.
    As for the better news i have been working on a project . Its a sort of fun website for all my favourite stuff and cool gadgets that i find interesting, which i want to share it with all of you homies...( :P ) Any how you can check for its updates and latest info from this blog. If you want a direct link, click on the "enter" banner at the top left corner of the side bar.
    keep cheking for better stuff...

    Monday, July 18, 2005

    Bandey Beta Version.

    A new version of bandey is on its way due to complaints from moxilla viewers that they cant view this page correctly. so to make this problem better bandey is working on a more moxilla friendlier version. Click [here] toview the beta version.

    Saturday, June 25, 2005


    Image hosted by
    This is a story based on true events called "Nadhiya" posted on ekuverin forum by user chaalaaku.

    [Chapter] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


    Dharubaaruge ekuverinney, aharennakee mi forum gai liyaa hurihaa liumeh hen gavaidhun kiyaa meehekeve. Adhi mifadha liun thakun ge sababun Lobeega gadha kandu thakah nukunna enmenah ves varah gina faidhaa thakeh vaane kamah aharen gaboolu kurameve. Mi faharu thi ekuverinnaa mi hissaa kollanee aharenge hayaathugai dhimaavi gina kanthah thakun eh kameh ge vaahaka eve. vaahaka feshigen annanee 1998 ge medhu therey gai Male’ ga 2 jinsu ge kudhin effuraalhegge dhashun kiyavamun anna school eh ge there inneve. Aharennakee eyge kurin lobeege eves thajuriba eh koffai huri meeheh nooneve. Ivenee meehun kiyaa vaahaka thakeve. Fennanee meehun kulhey film thakeve. Eyru loiybakee kobaa kamaa medhu visnun gengulhey varah vure muhimmu ehen kathah hunnaathee ves thochekeve.

    Dhuvahakee Male’ ah varah hoonu gadha dhuvahekeve. Gadi akee mendhuru ge udhaas thah enme boduvefaivaa vagutheve. Aharen huree school in nimigen ge ah dhiumah takai rattehi ehen kujjeh ge inthizaarugai huri vagutheve. Aharenge mizaajugai huri uni kameh ge sababun meehaku annan dhen maa gian iru madu kurumakee varah dhen undhago kamekeve. Adhi iru ge hoonu ge sababun mi kamah vaki ithuru faidhaa eh nukurieve. ekuvri rahumaiytheriyaa aa dhimalaah bavaalumuge niyathugai dhekolhah kurakaali kanadaala kanadaala huree eve. mihen huttai elli kalhi akun fenunee school ge mai gate therein maa farikoh hingaafai aharen huri dhimalaah annamundhaa kujjekeve. Ekkuverinney, Aharenge hayaathugai ves efadha dhevana reethi kameh e dhuvahaa jehen dhen nudhekemeve. Holly wood innaa bolly woodun adhi kiyeh tha kuredhi wood in ves mifadha rethi kameh nufennaane kan yageeneve. Haadha havaa reethi kamekeve. Hithah eri eve. mee alhe faheh mi hoonu gadhakamun fenna avaamendhureh noon baa eve, mihen balan hutta ekujjaa aharenge kairin alha* sidi mathin araa obiafi eve. Karin laafaa dhiya iru dhuvi vahakun vefai huri bandu haikan ves filai gossi eve. gomakasthooree ge vas neyngunas eyah vure ves meeru vas dhovaanekan gaimeve. eyna araigen dhiya sidi mahchaaa dhimalaah angahulhuvifai soni vettey haalu balahattain huttaa hey verikan vee aharenge ekuveiyaa fahathu ais burakasheegai jeheema ave. adhi aharen kairee eyna e yoh varah govaa iru angain nubunee keeve tho ehi eve, suvaalah javaabu dhinumuge badhalugai ahannah bunevunee e kujjaa ge vaahaka eve.

    Geyah dhamun ves ekuveriyaa kairee e noon vaahaka eh nudhekku neve. Enme fahun ebbas vee aneh dhuvahu hama e gadeegai e kujaa aharenge rahumaiytheriyaa ah dhekkumasheve. Aharenge mi rahumaiyy theriyakee school ge gina kudhin haassa koh anhen kudhin dhanna “Burito” eh kamah vaa thee eyna mikanthakaa eheevaane kameh ves eyna bunjheve . Eyge aneh dhuvaheve. School gai eheceh kiyavey vareh nooneve, 2 minute in 2 minute in hama gadai ah belenee eve. 2 thin fahareggai maths teacher “why are u day dreaming?” ey ves bunjheeve. Eyna ah ves e reethi kan fenijeyyaa eyna kiyavaa dhinun huttaalaa mashaa jehingen day dream kuuraaney bunaanamey ves hitah eri eve. namaves madu madun fothaa dhimaalah balahattain huree eve. gaiy vee hee hen hama gadi las vaahen ves heeve eve. mihen eki class thah nimemun kuri dhigu inthizaaru ves nimijje eve, fahu bell jehumun libunu hih hama jehun bunan ves neynguneve. Avahah gos aharenge malakaa arain dhiya sidi budah gos sifainge meeheh duty ah bahattaafai hurihen mdukollain huttevijje eve. Maa gina iru thakeh nuve ahareneg ekuviyaa ves aissi eve. irukolhakaa gate aa dhimaalaha beleve. Hooru pary gate in vadhey tho eve.inhizaaru ge nimun varah ves fonjheve, kuree dhuvahu fadhain hama sidi aa dhimaalah ehera annanee reyga nidhin mahuroom kolli fari kamana eve. ekuveriyaa kairee eheree ey bunumun eyna ves balaa li eve. adhi e kujjaa ah kiyanee Naadhiya ey bunjheve. “Naadhiya” haadh aretehi namekeve. Adhi ekuveriyaa Naadhiya class ehen kujjeh dhanna vaahaka buni kan enge eve..eyge fahun eyna dhekki eves vaahaka eh mashakah hama eggothakah ves neynguneve. Eyna mahchah dhiumun aharenge rattehi soru kairee aharenge malikaa ge mauloomaatah hoadhai dheyn bunefeemeve. Adhi eyna ves ekamah ebbas vejje eve. nama ves e mauloomaath hoadhaaleh bodu kamun saidhey namey bune e dhuvahu havee ru e libeyne goiy hadhai dheyn kamah ebbas kuruvafeemeve.

    [to be continued...]


    Image hosted by
    This is a story based on true events called "Nadhiya" posted on ekuverin forum by user chaalaaku.

    [Chapter] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


    Ekuverinney, edhuvahu geyah djiya gothah endhugai osho vegen Naadhiyaa aa medhu hiyaalu kuran othee eve, mihen ovvaa mamma kotari ah vadhe kaan annaashey bunumun kaa meyzu kairi ah gos, garudhiya bo thattah bal*alum ves mi fennanee Naadhiyaa ge mooneve, lo fuhelaafai baiythattaa dhimaalah bal*alumun ves mi fennanee hama Naadhiyaa eve. mihen thashai thakah gellifai huttaa mamma vadhefaa kaa hih nethee hey ahaalafia eve, kaa hih nethey bunefiyyaa ithuru suvalu thakakaa kuri mathi laan jeheynethee kudakoh varu balvefa ey bune baiythashin ethikolheh alahin eh suvaa anga ah lain hafaala hafaalaa indhevunu ireh ves neynge eve.

    ekuverinney, loiybakee meehun moya kollaa ehchekey bunaa vaahakaige thedhukan e dhuvahu visnuneve, e dhuvhu bicycle ah arain school vashai 7 buru jehuneve, sikundi ah nuvisnunu kamakee kithanme varakah buru jehiyas Naadhiyaa school nunimenees nufennaane kameve, mihen gos mi kurevenee beykaaru kameh kan reykaalumun aharnege ekuveri “Burito” geya dhimaalah misaraabu jeheemeve, eynayaa gos vaahaka dhakkaalaumun dhin lafayakee school nimey gadee Naadhiyaa fahathun ulhey ge eh belumahtakai dhiumeve,

    ekuveriiney, libunu lafaa ge mathin geyah gos mamma lavvaa athuga oiy enme reethi gamees isthirikuruvaigen laigen, 2 burah scent jahain school ge session nimey gadeege 45 minute kurin school budu gai thayyaarah hureemeve. Mi hen huttaa rattehi ehen 3 kujjaku ves hama aharen huri hisaabah aissi eve, enmen ves mi thibee konmes kujjeh ge fahathun mugoli elhumah takai kan visnumun kudakoh hini anna goiy ves vi eve, namaves mivarun ves Naadhiya ulhey ge eh hoadhunas mee kihaa bodu kuri erumeh dheh tho eve. School ge session nimi addu atoll ga ulhey dhondheeni bai gandeh hen eki kudhin eki dhimaalah misraabu jahafai hutteve, aharen ves kalhi ehthaa nubahattaa nukunnaa enmenge moonu thah scan kuramun, naadhiyaa feney tho balamungendhiyaee meve, maa gina iraku hunnakah nujehnueve, ehera nukunnanee aharnege farai malaka eve, avahah bandu ethere ah jassaalaa mey hashi fulha* kollaafai fahathun hingai gatheemeve, erey ge naseebeh neh kan furthama ingen feshee Naadhiyaa gos enmefurathamves one way egge idhikolhah vaneemeve, 2 faraiy bal*alafai maves Naadhiyaa fahathun bicycle hifain emagah vadhejjai meve, maguge medhakaa hama ah dhevunu thanaa kamaku dhaakah netheve, kuri mathin dhakkaa lee Police baheve, gaiy birun vee nuvee ves neynguneve, Tom and Jerry gai Spike Tom fahaa dhuvvaigatheemaa vaa hen maves alha* ithikoh bicycle amburaalafai dhuvaalaifeemeve, fhathun poilice jip ais ari mahchah araa bicycle bahthi kobai tho ahaifi eve, Naadhiyaa ge kanthakaa visnan hadhaigen aadhevunu iru mashah mivanee bahthi nulai aadhevi fa eve, geinfai huri birun 2 kamu haajathah kiriyaa nugos huri haalu, angainves nubunevi gabu vefai hureveune, sifainge meeha ah ves aharen huri haalu fenifai hamdharu dhee vee thicheve, faibaigen dhaashey bunefai jip dhuvaalaaifi eve, kiriyaa ey mi slaamaiy vee hithaa avahah gos kalhuvakaru misikithah araa dhevvi rahumathah shukuru koh dhuvaa nimmaalee naadhiyaa libey tho dhuvaa eh koffa eve.

    [to be continued...]


    Image hosted by
    This is a story based on true events called "Nadhiya" posted on ekuverin forum by user chaalaaku.

    [Chapter] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


    Eyge aneh dhuvaheve, school ah gos furathama ves belee rahumaiy theriyaa aa dhimaavey tho eve, eyna huree hurihaa mauloomaatheh hifain aissa eve, Nadhiya akee male’ kujjekeve, address aa phone number ves libuneve, adhi mashah introduce koh ves dheynamey buneema vee fufaluge kolhhe netheve, “Burito” ah mashah koh dhin mi kanthah thaku ge badhalu dheynamey buney keumeh dheynves buneemeve.

    Ekuverinney, gadi kairi vee varakah hithah vannamun dhiya nuthanavas kamaa haas kan dhiya ee ithuru vamunneve, Naadhiyaa mashaa vaahaka nudhakkaifiyyaa vanee kihineh baa eve,mikahala kithanme kanthah thakeh hithu there ah vadhe furaalaifi eve, “Like” nuvejeyyaa Shammoo hedhihen jeebun kothalhe nagaa fas rufiyaage gulha dheyshey buneveykah ves netheve, introduce koh dhinun othee school ga viyyaa eve, miadhu mi vee dhimaa idhikoheve, mikanthakaa medhu visnan huttaa mi yoh school nimunee eve, haasvefai huri varun huree meynubai koh hodu lava dharaja ah gosafa eve, naseebakun e dhuvahu interval gadee huree ehecheh nukai kamun naadhiyaa kurimahchah hodu nulveyne kan yageeneve, birun viri viri ekueriyaa aa bahdhalu kuran buni thanaa hama ah gosseemeve, mamma abadhuves bune eve, ladhakaa hedhi thadheh nufilaane eve,

    kanthah thah vaanee kerigen ekan thakaa kurimatheleema eve, ehen kamun hih varu kollaafai mashaa “Burito” dhemeehun naadhiyaa menge inthizaarugai thibeemeve, vaguthu jehijje eve, plan aa eggothah 2 kudhin gate in vaiy than fenijje ve, “Burito” ge molhu kamaa medhu ma hama antharees vi eve, dhe kudhin ais aharemenna kairivefai “Burito” rattehi kujjaa “burrito” aa vaahak dhakkan fetti eve, aharen huree hurevunu than ves neyngifa eve, mihaabodah meehaku dheke gayaa vejeyyaa ehen ves vane dheh tho eve, kurimathin mihira fennanee gaimuves dhuniyemathee kameh nooneve, kairin bal*alee maa adhi vakin reethi hen heeve eve, Ali Rameez ge lava thakun ekiyaa reethi kamkee mee ey hithah eri eve, ehera lolekeve, sindbad 7 kandu gai dhathuru kuriyas e loluge fun kan eyna ah vazan kureveyney kameh lafa eh nukureve eve, ehera reethi thun fathekeve, kurehun theriyakah ves efadha furihama kameh nugenevey ne eve, hangadu ehaame reethi vefaa saadhaa eve, aharen kalhijaha nula balahattain hureema kanneynge eve, kudakoh heelaafai is dhashah jahaali eve, Maiyklalaange kulhadhun vantha ey hithah eri eve, Naadhiyaa ge lolu ge there ah gembemun dhanikoh aharen sissain dhiya ee aharen ge rahu maiy theriyaa aharenge namun govaalumunneve, evaguthu Nadhiya ge rattehi anhen kujja huree salaam kollumah takai aiy nagainneve, avahah eynaa ya salaam kolli thana hen mee Naadhiya ey kiyaa aharumenneh Naadhiyaa tha’aaraf koh dhineve, adhi, naadhiyaa ves kudakoh heelaafai aiy nagai salaam kollaiafi eve, e athuge ehravaa madu kamekeve Bodubeybe Baalees hadhan gen gulhey kafa role ekey hama thafaatheh netheve, kithanme varakah siafa kohdheyn ulhunas thi ekuverinnah ves aharen mi bunaa aslu maana dheyha vaanee Naadhiyaa aa salaam kollumunneve, Naadhiyaa aharenge haalu ahaalumun hee vee finifenun meehaku hithugai bodndithan kolliheneve, mihaakah haavarashey haalu rangalhu vaanee bunan ulhenikohirukolhah ivunee bell jehi adeve, ai ruilhi eh vee fooossheh bunaakan neynegeve, naadhiyaa eynaage rahumaiytheriyaa ekeee hingai gen fi eve, rulhi ais gn dhaa gothah gos hurihaa belleh ge vaa thah kandaalafaanamey ves hitaha eri eve, namaves jehunee supervisor ah fenumuge kurin avahah school in nukunnaaasheve, edhuvahu ekkoh dhiya ee naadhiyaa eku mi heydhakoolevunu kuda vaguthu kolha*medhu visnamun eyge hihhama jehun hoadhamunneve.

    [to be continued...]


    Image hosted by
    This is a story based on true events called "Nadhiya" posted on ekuverin forum by user chaalaaku.

    [Chapter] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


    Dharu baaruge ekuverinney, dhuvahakee hafthaa bandhuge dhevana dhuvaheve, aharen othee kuree dhuvahu football kulhen gos ulhumuge thereygai idhikolhu team ge kulhun theriyaku jehi tackle eh ge sababun fayah thadhuvaathee beys ungulhain endhuga eve, mihen ovvaa mamma kotari ah vadhe school gai extra class oiy kan handhaan koh dhineve, Extra class ah nudhevey ney ekey bunakaah ves nukurenuve, e e kuree rey theyo dhamaa dhemun evarah lecture ais otheema eve, evarah football kulhen nudhaashey bunefa ovvaa gosfaivaathee vee, ehen kamun varain fothakaa galameh hifain extra ah gosseemeve, dhiya iru school there in aadhayaa hilaafu halaboli kameh faahaga kureveuneve, rangalhah habaru balaali iru e dhuvahakee school ge Dhivehi dhuvaheve, ethanah gosiyyaa ein kameh ga baiveri vaan jeheynethee aharen belee veehaa ves avahah class ah dhevey tho eve, class nimigen thiriyah faibaigen ai magu mathee aharenge house captain ah aharane fenijje eve, adhi ais miulhenee kudhin madhuvegenney kulli mauloo ah vaahak dhekkumuge mubaraathugai baiveri vevi dhaanetho esseve, vagutheh nethey bunan hama anga hulhuvaali thanaa fahathun aharenge malakaa Naadhiya gos house captail dhekki class room akah vaiy than fenijje vee, mee rangalhu furusathekey heekoh aan ekey avaha gos class room ah bo koppaalaifeemeve.

    Ethaagai baeh teacher innaa kudhin thakeh thibaa fenuneve, adhi ethanuneh teacher ais kon house eh hey bunee ma house ge nan bunumun avahah vannaashey bunjheeve adhi aharenge nan note kolli eve, mubaaraiy feshijje eve, faharaku kujjeh kurimahchah gos meyzumathee huri thah takun gandu kolheh nagai vaahaka dhakkan fashaifi eve, 2 kudhinnah fahu dhen eree aharenge malikaa eve, Naadhiyaa vahaka dhakkamun dhiya iru aharennah hurevunee kalhives jahaa nulaa naadhiyaa ah balahattai geneve, ahren mee e thanun judge eh nama Nadhiya ah full maks dheyney kan yageeneve, ehaa ves molheve, naadhiya fahu dhen vaahak dhakan jehunee aharennasheve, faahana ashey kiyaafai nukunnan ves hithah eri eve, ekamku naadhiyaa kurimathee findi akah vejeyyaa varah sakaraiy vane thee gandu kolhu naga akiyaaleemeve, libunu mauloo akee “aharen dhuniyegai huri enme mussandhi meeha ah vejjenama?” meyzu kairi ah huttifa hithaa ari eve, ehen vejje nama nadhiyaa aai indhegen dhemeehun ekee fuvammulaku kulheegai gandu vareh alhain ulhey namey bunefaanamey hithah eri eve., adhi nan husvaa varah javaahiraa gahanaa genes naadhiyaa gee ehera retehi kan ithurah furihama kollaanamey bunanves hithah eri eve, namaves dhulakah ebas thah genna e ee rangalhu vagutheh noon dheh tho eve, mauloo ah insaafu kuramun varah vaahaka ehkkeemeve, rajjeyge meehun hajjah gen gos dheynamey bune free scholarships ves dheynamey bune adhi dhuniyein fageeru kamaa bandu hai hoonukan nahthaa laanmey ves bunevuneve. aharenge malikaa ves huree ahannaa dhimaalah balahattain kamun hithah ai haa molhe thi vaahak dhakkamun gos 5 minute vegen fandiyaaru ishaaraiy kolli eve, avaha vassalaam kiyaa faibai gen ais ishenee naadhiyaa ge kairee eve, evauthu eyna aves heelaa varah molhey bunjheve, dhenakaa dheneh netheve, libeyne evvana eh mi yothee libifa eve, naadhiyaa molhey bunumun dhen eyah vure bodu ufaa verikameh nonnaane, ehen noon tho eve, aharenves thanks ey bune kairegai hamajehileeemeve.

    Edhuvahu eki faharu mathin varah gina vaahaka dhekku neve, interval break gadee gayaa news paper competion oiy iru e house ge class ah ves fansooreh, therasfulhi eh noonee ehen konmes ehcheh hoadhaasheve, ehchehi nethigeneh nooneve, hama naadhiyaa dhekilumuge beynumuga eve, e dhuvahu rahumaiytherikan ge bingaa ves elhuneve, eyge kurin enme ufaavi dhuvaeh kamah vaa bappa rado gadi eh gaindhin dhuvah vure ves e dhuvahu vee ufaa haas kan boedeve. erey othee natheeja faalhu kurumeve, aharennah mubaaratahun libunee 3 vana eve aharenge malikaa ah libunee ebain evvana eve, enme baarah aiyjhei meehakaee hama yageenun ves masheve, aiy jehun huttaalee ehen enmen aiy jehun httaali iru ves hole therein meehaku aiy jahaathee enmen balan feshumunneve. Jalsa nimumun enme furathama gos maruhabaa kee aharenneve, eyna ves shukuriyyaa ey bune varah gina vaahaka dhekki eve, adhi e dhuvahu eyna vakihisabaakah hingaaves levuneve, namves mifaharu oneway aa ekkolhasheve. ekuverinney, e dhuvahakee aharen enme ufaavi ehdhuvaheve, hithah aeri eve, mamma bunaa bas ahaigen dhera kameh nuvaane eve, hendhunu bunihen extra ah nudhiyanam mi vee eves kameh nuvikan yageenev.

    [to be continued...]


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    This is a story based on true events called "Nadhiya" posted on ekuverin forum by user chaalaaku.

    [Chapter] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


    ekuverinney, e dhuvahah fahu aharenge hayaathuge bahaaru moosun feshijje eve, abadhuves hurevenee varah ufalunneve, e dhuvahah fahu aharen dhiya ee eki goiy gothah naadhiyaa aa bahdhalu kuramunneve, mulheen hen ves dhimaavanee naadhiyaa ge school session feshumuge kurinneve, konme dhuvahaku ves egadi ah inthizaaru kurevey goiy ve eve, Hannan ge lavaigai bunaa hen"Inthizaarey othee hih edhey thee...."

    mihen ulhelaafai eh dhuvahegge reygandu aharen naadhiyaa ah gulha*laifeemeve, aneh kolhun phone nun vaahak dhekki kujjaa ge adu jehumun e ee naadhiyaa kamah gaboolu kureveune, naadhiyaa kihineh hey ahaalumun heyn fashaafai madukollaa shey mee naadhiyaa ge kokko ey bunjheve, aharennah mihiree vareh vefa eh heyyeve...irukolhakun naadhiyaa phone ah ais vaahak dhakkan fashaifi eve. adu huri gothun eynaa huree varah ahaas vefai kan enege eve, dhe thin jumla ah fahu varah busy ey kiyaafai phone baavvaifi eve. mi kurevunee rangalhu noon kameh kan visnumun varah dhera vegen avahah endhah ashai nidhaifeemeve, aneh dhuvahu aanukoh bahdhlau va athanun naadhiyaa aa dhimaavi eve, enem furthama ves naadhiyaa bunee dhen meege fahun ege ah nugulhumasheve, eynage mamma men hihhama nujeheynethee yola eve. aharen ves varah sorry ey bune dhen nugulha*ne kamuge yageen kan dhineve,

    ekuverinney, dhuvas thah hafthaa ah hafthaa thah masthakah badhalu vamun gos naadhiyaa aharenge rattehi kamah 3 mas vejje eve, mihisaabah dhevunu iru ahrennah vanee meehaku meeheh dheke lobiveveyne enme mathee dharaja ah naadhiyaa dheke lobi vevifaeve,afi abadhuves hurevenee naadhiyaa gaathu ahrennaa lobeege gothun gulhumah ahan edheveifa eve, migothun etha faharegge mathin logandu kurimathee rehersal ves jessiejje eve, adhives hama hurevene bunaane rangalhu vaguthakaa jehen dheneve,nuseedhaa koh varah ginain e vaahak ves dheke vijje eve, biteh nagan vee ey hurihaa vaahaka ves dhekiijje eve, mihen gos eh dhuvahu ahaaane rangalhu furusthakaa dhimaavejje eve, konme gotheh viyas heyo kamah rattehivaan ahaifeemeve, naadhiyaa ge moonah bal*alaafai naadhiyaa isdhashah jahaafai hurumun alha aithikoh dhuvvaigenfaanameyhithah eri eve, kuda hindhukolhakah fahu naadhiyaa ahannaa dhimaalah bal*alaifai heeleve, adhi massala eh nethey buneli eve, vee ufaleh bunaakahneynguneve, ufalun gos halheyllavai nugenevuneeves kiriyaa eve, ehaalugai baheh nubunnevifai ma irugandeh vandhen hureemeve, faadakah hevifai naadhiyaa aa dhimaalah balahaittain hurevunee eve, naadhiyaa ves dhen dhanee ey, maadhan dhimaavaanun hey bunelaafai class ah dhaan hinga gatheve, aharen hithah aeri eve, mee anekkaa huvafeneh noon baa eve.

    [to be continued...]


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    This is a story based on true events called "Nadhiya" posted on ekuverin forum by user chaalaaku.

    [Chapter] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


    Ekuverinney, meege kurin aharenge rahumaiy theri ekuverinnah lobeege haayathugai emeehunaa dhimaavi kanthah thakaa alha*bal*a iru aharenge naseebu varah rangalhukamaa medhu thi ekuverin dhebas nuvaane kan yageeneve, aharamen alah mi feshi lobeege hayaatahugai ves ehen lobi verin hen gen dhiya ee nuhanu ufalugai ulhemunneve, konmehen romeo and julieat ey nuvatha dhonhiyala aa ali fulhey nubunjhas aharen gaboolu kuranee e ee konme baeh kamugai viyas lobi 2 mwwhun ves ekaku anekaku dheke lobi vejeyyaa enmen ves ulhey nee ehen vane amasheve, ekaku anekaku ge vaahakathah ahaa haalu bal*a 2 meehunah ves ekaku anekakah dhiamaavaa kanthah thah hissa kuraane kamasheve, migothah lobiverin gondu dhoh thakaa kuni ukaalaa gondu thah kairee vaguthu heydha kuraa hen aharmen ve dhiya ee school gai huri library gai hama e ufaa hoadhamunneve, moodhun anna vai nujehunas library gai huri AC in anna vai vaki goheh nooneve, dhooni govaa adu thah neevunas library gai onna hama himey kan fudhe eve, folhuvaane maathakeh nethas library gai huri gandu thah mikamah varah fakkaleve,

    ekuverinney mihen dhuvas thakaa hafthaa thah vey thuvamun gos aharamen ge lobi ves eh dhuvahah vure aneh dhuvaheh varu gadha vamun edhiya eve, Naadhiyaa ge mamma nugaboolu nuvedhaanethee aharamen dhiyaee mi gulhun mamma ah naanagave, namaves aharen ge mamma kiyaavarun mamma ge vaan ulhey lhee dharai introduce kohdheyn gendhiya eemeve, mamma ves varah gina vaahaka naadhiyaa aa dhekki eve, dhe kudhin kiyevumah buroo aruvain nuvaane kamah varah nasey haiy dhineeve,

    Dhuvas thah faaithuvamun gos aharamen ves test hadhaa school in nimijje eve, , eyge fahun aharamen dhimaavumah ves varah bodethi badhalu thakeh athuvejje eve, nama ves dhe meehun ves dhiya ee aharamen dhemedhu oiy lobi ithurah varugadha kurevey tho bal*amunneve, naadhiya abadhuves annanee konmes rattehi kujjeh ge ge ashey kiyaafa eve, aharane ves naadhiyaa aanmukoh anna gadee gai konmehen hadhaafaives geygai hurevey tho balameve, dhuvas kolheh fahun mi gothah aharamen aadha vejje eve, holhu dhoo abudulla ge lavaigai bunaahen “Lobin gulhey dhe hitheh safun, vaki kurevi dhaane tho” eve.

    Aharamen 2 meheun ge test ge natheejaa thah libijj eeve, aharenge natheeja varah ves ranagalheve, naadhiyaa ge natheeja ves hama ehaame ranagalheve, eki mainbafain emeehunge dharinge mustaqbal*a medhu hiyaalu thah hunnaanee eki goiy thakah kah noon tho eve, aharen ge mamma course akah apply kurumah baaru elhi iru naadhiyaa ge mamma nimmafaai othee naadhiyaa male’ in vazeefa akaah dhiumasheve, anehhen bal*a iru evee goiy maa ranagalhey hithah eri eve, aharen course ah furan dhen naadhiyaa aa dhimaa vun ithurah fasey ha vaanetheeve, namvaes kan dhimaa kuree aharamen ummeedhu kuri gothakah nooneve.

    [to be continued...]


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    This is a story based on true events called "Nadhiya" posted on ekuverin forum by user chaalaaku.

    [Chapter] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


    ekuverinney, aharenge lobivaa naadhiya offihah nukunnan fesh*thaa maheh ves nuvanees aharen medhu irumatheege gaumakah kiyavan dhaan hama jehijje eve,ufalaa hithaama eku veema ekan sifa koh dheynee kihineh dhehtho eve, furumaa dhemedhu aharamen dhe meehunah libifai othee enme 2 hafthaa eve,. e vee dhehafythaa gai aharamen dhiya ee ekaku anekkau dhookoh nulaane kamah vaudhu thakaa ahudhu thah vamunneve, ethah ireh vandhen aharne kondu mathee naadhiyaa aharennaa vaki vaathee ruyeve, aharen gendhiya ee aharen kiyavaa nimigen ais naadhiyaa aa indehgen hayaatahugai kuri ah oiy dhuvas thakugea naadhiyaa eku ulheyney ufaa veri goiy eynaa ah kiyaa dhemunneve, naadhiyaa hih hama jassai dhevey tho balamunneve, eynaaa ves ehen meeheh dheke loiybeh nuvaanekamaa aharen annandhen madu kuraaney kamuge furihama yageen kan dhemun gednhiyaeemeve, ekuverinney vaki varakh vure bodah mehaakah ithubaaru kurevenjhaa eynaa bunaa konme baheh hithuge adin gaboolu kuraane noon tho eve, naadhiyaa akee dhuvaaku ves aharennah olhuvalaaa nuvatha dhogeh hadhaafai vaa kujjakah nuvumun aharen ves dhiya ee naadhiyaa ge huri haa baheh gaboolu kuramunneve,

    ekuverineyy aharen furaa dhuvas ais jehijje eve, aharen naadhiya agaathu furaa gadi buneemeve, eyge kuree rey aharamen enme fahuge bahdhalu vun ves beyvveemeve, naadhiya aa dhevenjhaa annaane furuvan annaane vaahaka ves naadhiya bunjheve, hulhule ah dhaa gadi dhiya ee kuda than vamunneve, irukolhakaa dhoraa dhimalaah bele eve, mu jizaa thakun namaves naadhiyaa ah aadhevey goiy vaane nama noon heyyeve, enmefahun mamma ayaa ailaa enmen hen thayyaru ve nimumun caru thaku gaa ferry terminal aa dhimaalah nattaalaifeemeve, dhonjhha araa fahu faharah male aa dhimlah balaileemeeve, naahiyaa a ves dhimaa nuvee thaa ey nama ves eyna hithun evaguthu aharen mathin handhaan kuraaney heekoh hih hama jassaalain huree eve,

    cheking kuraa gadi jehijje eve, enemnaa salaam kollaafai fahu faharah naadhiyaa adhey tho bal*aleemeemeve, namaves film film gayaa vaahaka vaahakaigai vaahen mifaharaku eheneh nuvi eve, hivvaru kollaafai gos chekin koh nimmaa dhiya gothah jehunee boat ah araasheve, thankolheh lahun vadhevuneema eve, kiyavan dhaa gaumah gos vee enem avahakah naadhiyaa ah e mail eh kollu umeg eummeedhugai avahh gos boat araa nidhaalevey tho beleemeve,

    amaan dhathurakah fahu boatais jasafai eve, maa undhago thaka kaa nulaa airport clearenece ein salaamaiy es vegen avaha nukutheemeve, nukiy iru aharamen school kuree batch ge 3 kudhin aharen bal*a ais hutteve, emeehunaa eku bus ah araigen emeehun ge ge ah gos hamajehi laa avaha aadhevunu kamuge habar mamma ashaa naadhiyaa a h dhineemeve...

    geygai ulhenee hus dhivehi kiyavaakudhinneve, hindhu kolheh nuve enmenaa ves varah rattehi vejja eemeve, hurihaa enem ekee thanhanah dhiun ves aanu vejje eve, naadhiyaa ves konme dhuvahaku hen e mail fonuvamun gendheve, aharen ves dhuvaalaku dhen thin 4 mail eh nufonuvaa dhuvaheh madhuvane eve,

    migothah dhuvas thah vey thu vamun aharen ge furatham test aa kuri mathi laan ehije vee, hama feshen kairivefaa vanikoh kulli akah naadhiyaa ge e- mail es libun hutiijje eve, aharen ekamkue hiyaalu thah madu jassaalafai gendhya ee kiyevumaa ulhevey tho eve, naadhiyaa ah kurevifai vaa ithubaareh ge bodu kamunneve.

    [to be continued...]


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    This is a story based on true events called "Nadhiya" posted on ekuverin forum by user chaalaaku.

    [Chapter] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


    Test ves nimijje eve, male' ah dheveyne dhuvahakah kemmadhuvefai hureemeve, ekun naadhiyaa ge e-mail eh ves nulibey thee aa ves ekuga eve, male' dhaan vaa irah mamma menashaa naadhiyaa ah rangalhu hadhiyaa badhiyaa gathumugai avadhi nethi aharen ulhuneemeve, furan othee enem 3 dhuvas kamah vumaa eku msn chat akah ves nuvannameve, eyah vure ves maa busy e ee eve,

    dhaa dhuvas ais jehijje eve, rattehi kujjeh ge carugai airport ah gos chekin kollain boat furaagadi eh ge inthizaaru gai ineeemeve, boat nattaalaifi eve, miyoh haa dhuvahu kuramun anna inthizaaru nime mun annaa thee aharen inee varah ufalunneve, male' gos ulhey ney ufaa veri gothuge hiyaalah gellifa eve, naadhiyaa ge mamma menah dhen ingunas goheh nuvaane kamah visnainneve, aharen ummeedhu koh gen huree aharen mammaa yaa eku naadhiyaa ves aharen bal*a hunnaane kamasheve, ehenvejyyaa kihaaves rangalhu noon eheyyeve

    boat male' jassaifieve, customs in clear vegen nukiuiy iru mamma men aharenge inthizaaruagai thibbeve, avah gos mamma gaigaa bahdhaalaafai naahdiya huri tho dhe faraathah bal*a leemeve, namves naadhiyaa fennaakah netheve, ehen kamkun ehen enmenaa salaam kolla dhonjhaa dhimaalah misraabu jahaifeemeve, dhaa gothah naadhiyaa men ge ah dhaan vee ey ves hitha eri eve, namaves mamma dhera vedhaanethee ehen nuhedheeve ge ah gos fenvaraalain kai nimunu iru huree mendhurun anburaafa eve, mamma kairee eba ananmey bunafaa naadhiyaa ah gain dhin angoti hifain ege ah misraabu jahaifeemeve,

    slaam govaala mrrhsku nukuthumun naadhiyaa ulhuvvaa tho ehemun "naadhiyaa mihaaru ulhenee eyna firmeehaa geyga!!!", ey bunumun heevee hoonu garu dhiya ehcheh meymahchah jehi heneve, yageen kolllan vegen Fathmath Naadhiyaa ey buneemaves libunee eh javaabekeve, ekuverinney, hih varu libunee dhen enme suvaaleh kolla sheve, e ee mihaaru ulhe akee kobaa tho eve, javaabu libumun e gein nukumefai faarugai lengi leemeve, evaguthu heevee bo falahin gos dhaane henneve, ethah haas suvaaleh bolu therey gai enburi gatheve, e ee hama hagee gaiy baa vee, noonee mashah surprise eh dheyn ulhenee kee noon baa eve, gaimuves e ee april fool day evves nooneve,

    ekuvrinney hama ranglhah ves e dhuvahu ahanna rovuneve, meehaku hithuga jeheyne varah e dhuvahu hithuga jehuneve, geyah gos endhugai ovegen visnunee kihaa varakah kameh ves neyneg eve, enme fahu aharen nimemee kan vee goiy belumah naadhiyaa ulhey ge ah dhiumasheve, moonu dhovelain taxi akah aragin naadhiyaa mihaaru ulhey kamah buni geyge adress dhineemai caru gos madukollee artificial beach kairee huri ge eh kairi asheve,

    carun nukume bal*ali iru e ge akee varah reethi koh 3 buri ah hadhafai huri egekeve, ge ah vadhe salaam govaa lithana nukuiy meehakee mi yoh haa dhuvahu huva fenugai dhekunu moonu ge veriyaa eve, aharen hama fenumaa ekeu dhuvefai ai aharen athugai hifaafi eve, evaguthu aharen huri haalun huree eiy dhamaiganevey gothakah nooneve, aharen hama ekahchekey ves nubunevi huttaa naadhiyaa romun eyna egein gendhaashey bune aadheys kuran fashaifi eve,

    aharen ves huree vaanuva neyngi bas huttifa eve, eve, adhi kihineh hey mi vee bunee ma naadhiyaa vee goiy kiyaa dheyn fetti eve, kan vefai oiy gothakee naadhiyaa ge mamma huree naadhiyaa dhevaane meeheh kanda alha* nimmaafa eve, dhefaraathu aailaa in ebbas ve nimifa eve, evaahaka naadhiya gaathugai bunumun naadhiyaa furtahama ekamah dhekolhu hedheema ves mamma yaa bappa rulhi ais vaahaka nudhekkan fesheema ekan kuree kamu gai bunjheve, namaves adhives lobivanee haaren dheke kaugai bunjheve, e hurihaa vaahaka thekh adu ahaafai aharen bunaanee keekey heyyeve, naadhiyaa kuvveri eh nooneve, eyna eheree enme furathama dhuvahun ves feshigen vamun ai lobi dhama hattamunneve, eyna kuri haa ves kamakee eyna ge mamma aa bappa ge bas ehumeve, aharen gathu keevve tho nubunee eheemaa bunee test hadhamun dhathee eyna yaa hedhi aharenge hurihaa kameh halaaku kollan beynun nuvee kamah bunjheve,

    ekuverinney, aharenna ehen meehaku dheke nuve vey varah lobi vafei mihree meehegge ainbeh dheke eve, varah ves dhera eve, hithaamaige kolhe netheve, kithanme loiybeh veenamaves meehegge aiynbakaa egothah gaiy vumakee nuhanu bodu faafa ekeve, aharen ge aiy naadhiyaa ge athun dhamaigatheemeve, adhi aharen ge hih amilla ah kathilamun aharen mathin handhaan nathaalashey bunefai egein nukutheemeve, ekuverinney, aharenge alathu lobi nimigen dhiyaee insaafun tho eve, lobee gai ufaa dhey iru ekmah aevareh netheve, namaves nuvisbey kamakee hithaama thah eygai dhakkaa iru eyah vure dhen goheh dhen nuvaane kameve, namaves minavrah eemaan vaan vaane noon tho eve, mi kanathah hithun filuvaalan varah masakkaiy kureemeve, namaves aharenge huvafenuge raanee huvafenun nufenna dhuvaheh varah madheve, varah masakkaiy ves kureemeve, mamma ekamah varah nasey haiy dhineve, ehen kudhin ves thibeyney kamaa ekamaa dhera nuvumah hih varu dhineve , mamma ah takaa ves ekan vey tho beleemeve, namaves handhaan nahtha eh nuleveune,

    mihaaru e haadhsiaa ge fahu ethakeh aharu faaithuvejjeve, e dhuvahah fahu naadhiyaa nufenunas naadhiyaa ge haalu aharen midhanee balamunneve,aharen abadhuves naadhiyaa ah heyoedheynameve, gulhun bahattan ves beynumeve, mihaaru naadhiya bandu bodeve, male' gos baby dhekilan dhaanameve, namaves rattesseh ge haiysiyyathunneve.

    [ the end ]

    Saturday, May 21, 2005

    IRFAN 2005

    This page is dedicated to irfan who is not yet dead, but whom i shall kill shortly...

    Irfan Wallpaper


    Irfan Display Pictures

    Irfan Avatars

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    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    BANDEY 05

    welcome all the bandey citizens to bandey 2005.

    we have all the tricks, games, news and the stupid stuff which i think is useful for you citizens to gasp upon.

    so we shall kick of this year... well actually from may... with the most addictive yet stupidest song there is.. which has been running all over the internet.


    [click here to see the actual original video of numa numa]

    [click picture to see the animation]

    Monday, April 25, 2005

    bandey in its own cosmos

    this space will soon be updated on how it will affect it and its affiliated parties by drastic and great changes to its use. new report on how this will come to effect will soon be posted....