Friday, November 18, 2005

Seven Suns

I usually have real great ideas which could melt all the epical adventures to sludge, but im jsut too darn lazy to write them. So here's a sample.

shikaramu>its for me toknow
shikaramu>i keep monitering your status for a reason of enormous proprotions
shikaramu>the existance of life as we know it depends on it
rau> ehentha?
rau> since how long ago?
shikaramu>since the prophecy was proclaimed by the blind man with one leg
shikaramu>everyone thought he was crazy at first because he always peed in a cup
rau> since how long ago was that?
shikaramu>but then his prophecy of the seven suns became true
rau> which said what
rau> ?
shikaramu>isnt it weird your prohecy was told by a guy who pees in a cup
rau> shud it be?
rau> there are wierder pple roaming the surface of this earth
rau> anekka was this guy from below the surface?
shikaramu>no he lived in india
rau> tamil is he?
rau> by the name of vampathi patel?
shikaramu>thats your boyfirend
shikaramu>it also connects to the prophecy
rau> according to u n nabeeh apparently yeah.. but ive no ideaof the existence of such a person
rau> so what does the profecy say?
rau> i gotto try n fulfill my destiniy
shikaramu>thats because all this time you have been living a lie
rau> which lie is that?
rau> ure tryin to change the subject here... im askin what the prophecy says
shikaramu>i cant
shikaramu>in time you shal know
rau> whats this u cant do?
shikaramu>i cant tell you the prophecy
shikaramu>im jsut the guardian
rau> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rau> so ure the guardian of the prophecy
shikaramu>im the guardian of the cosen
rau> so then tel me whats this lie ive been living?
shikaramu>im also in the prophecy apprently
shikaramu>i was trianed ever since i was born to protect you
rau> is that how u come in?
rau> as my protector?
rau> to protect me from what?
shikaramu>i come form a long line of clerical mages
rau> whatever in the world (or out of it) is that?
shikaramu>creators of magic and keepers of magical creatures
shikaramu>mymother was the supreme sorceress
shikaramu>and my father was 5th knoght of the seven suns
rau> ok
rau> so bak to the original Q... what are u supposed to protect me from?
rau> which is?
shikaramu>the 3rd sun
rau> whats the thrid sun gonna do to harm me?
shikaramu>the seven suns are gods of erptius
shikaramu>our home world
rau> get to the point.. hows the 3rd son gonna harm me? what are u prtectin me from?
shikaramu>edipus jermine ehpilius corniline humerous evremine and the unkown...
shikaramu>the seve gods which created erptius
rau> im interested in ephilius
shikaramu>let me tell you about the prohecyof the seven suns
rau> (sigh)
rau> im listening
shikaramu>its realevent
rau> ok ok
shikaramu>after the creation oferptius the people were given to choose a god to follow thier destiny
shikaramu>evryone chose a god except no one chose the unknow because he didnt want to lead any one
rau> and then?
shikaramu>so the unkown vanished
rau> ok so now there are 6 Gods
rau> ?
shikaramu>then after billions of years of life
shikaramu>a war broke between all the gods and the men who follow them
shikaramu>but the war to end we need the seventh god present and fight to the death
shikaramu>but no one knows where the seventh god is even
shikaramu>so a unity was clled among the groups and a band of 7 knights was formed to find the unknown
shikaramu>even thought it was war because of the unity thses seven men were untouchable anyone who got in thier path was damned by all the gods.
shikaramu>but human as they were corruption brewed in thoses of the feeble mind
shikaramu>the 1st 2nd adn the 6th broke off with thier power and made legions of thier own
shikaramu>theyare now huge warlords
shikaramu>the rest of the clan attemted to stop them but was forced back because they were ruthless as they were fierce
shikaramu>the 3rd and the 4th die in the clash
shikaramu>and the 5th and the 7th left alone to find the unknown
rau> and ure dad is the 5th
rau> but if the Gods gav power to the knights why are u protecting me from a God?
shikaramu>but the others wanted to stop them because they know if they found the 7th thier unity will be no more and every one else will rise up against them
shikaramu>the gods arent fighting themselves
shikaramu>they are makingthe humans do the batle
shikaramu>ill get to that part later
rau> ok
shikaramu>so sumhow the 5th and the 7th found the unknown and he needed a follower to fight for him.
shikaramu>so the seventh went with him to learn the unknowns teachings
shikaramu>the 5th went in to hiding
rau> meaning ure dad...
rau> how bout u n the rest of his family?
shikaramu>a knight doesnt have a familyyes and this time
rau> why do u refer to him as ure father and mother ?
shikaramu>madukoh bala
rau> ok ok
rau> mi inee madu kohgen
shikaramu>then 7th returend with his teachings was later dubbed the gara
shikaramu>then after sum years the idiot who pees in a cup said a nother prophecy
shikaramu>i cant say it now
rau> ok
shikaramu>then my dad got marreid to my mom who was a folower of evermine
shikaramu>the god of magic
rau> im waiting.. dhen kihineh vee?
shikaramu>then prophecy aneh bai kyaa dheveykah nethey
rau> this is not prophecy ba eh noonehnun
shikaramu>well the new prophecy starts here
shikaramu>so i cant say any more
shikaramu>but the old prophecy ended as the warlords unity was destroyed
shikaramu>but the war of the gods still rages on
rau> warloads were those 7 knights right?
shikaramu>because of the next prophecy
shikaramu>yeah actually 3 of them
shikaramu>2 died
rau> yeah n ure protecting me from the 3rd God
shikaramu>the other 2 lived
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