Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I walked on the beach held hand in hand. Never knowing how this would end. Seen the lights of the far away capital playing sliently on the waves. You can see people around a blur. and it was only you.. Roads, traffic, people, walls were gone.. All that was left was ... You.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

An iPhone Story

Ever since apple decided to leak information about there secret phone project I had been patiently waiting curiously. Then they released concepts for their new phone, then came the name and official design of the phone. My devotion to the iphone was like a little kid at a candy store.. waiting for it to come out. When they released the trailers of all the things you could do with an iphone, I downloaded every bit of iphone commercials and watched all the spoof parodies of iphone on the internet. Since I wasnt working back then I relied on my parents (especially my dad) to bless me with with the moola to acquire this god like technology. From there, operation "Scam dad in to buying me the iphone" began...

Scene1, Act1
me: (taping away on keyboard as loud as possible with one of the iphone commercials on full volume)
dad: son what is all this ruckus??
me: oh dad i didnt see you there.. im looking through this awesome phone called the iphone. look at all the neat stuff it can do..
dad: hmm that looks like a good phone.
me: this is like totally something I would want for my birthday. (hint administered)
dad: why dont you study and get good results first on your degree. stop dreaming of the impossible!!
(mission to get dad to notice that I want the iphone was a success)
End Scene1, Act1

After the iphone was released and some of dads friends already bought it and had been rubbing it in everyones faces abt how cool it was to own an iphone I realised now was the time to once again start my mission.

Scene2, Act1
me: hey dad look at the new features of iphone they announced (shows new commercial on youtube)
dad: hey thats some pretty nice feature, looks real good.
me: yeah Im thinking of buying one.. dad I was wonderinf if..
dad: ..buy you an iphone? pffft preposterous!! dont make me laugh.. hehehe.. see what you did, you made me laugh now!! (angry tone) why dont you get a job and save for the future and stop trying to buy this worldly goods which you will discard in a few days!!
(mission to get any moola off my dad to buy an iphone down the drain)
End Scene2, Act1

2 weeks later

Scene2, Act2
dad: hey son have you seen my brand new iphone?

based on a true story.....

SEQUEL (trailer with epic soundtrack)
I fell in love with Samsung Omnia, decided to keep this a secret from dad since he may ruin this for me. He had been complaining lately about his iphone over heating and making noises (yay!)
One day I was doing some shopping for mum and she had dads phone with her since it had a shopping list dad made.

mum: search for the shopping list on dads iphone will you son??
me: (searching and flipping pages and accidentially stumble on to something familliar.)

It was another shopping list, not the one mum wanted. And there it was inscribed in small little tiny iphone letters.. "Buy Samsung Omnia to replace iphone"................

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My confusion is not your fault. My confusion is what makes me, but in a way what breaks me. My confusion makes me unhealthy and needy. Different people confuse me in different ways. Friendship, family, love, desire. I worship them all.
So please dont hate me for being confused. My confusion is a battle for my own...