Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Theory. The Suggestion.

Anonymous said...

interesting theory, get someone else to do the work as usual...

why dont you suggest something better for the nation, instead of sitting around complaining about how the country is becoming a war torn city, when its actually far from it!

This was a comment on my last post. apparently anonymous direct comments like these are usually because they themselves don't want to be a target and hide behind a facade and yell at others without putting up a fight themselves. (Hypocrites I tell you..)

So heres my suggestion on how to improve the nation.

This is a suggestion which will confuse most people, mostly because they don't want change or move away from the capital.

We decentralize hospital specialties throughout the Maldives. We can have a hospital in Addu specialized in heart conditions. Another in Hanimaadhoo Specializing in Kidneys or Cancer. And other places with different specialty's. So If it is distributed the people doesn't have to go far as lanka to get treatment. They can got to the island and of course that means more people going to get treatment, people will have opportunities to start small businesses. Building hotels for people from other places to come and stay. Offering more jobs to the locals. Getting a chance to better their lives without the simple Maldivian dream of "Going to male' to study". Because of the people and the booming population, the schools will get better. Teachers will want to stay. And you'll have a stunning, growing bunch of people who are happy and satisfied, making whole of our nation scattered and wide spread, yet stand strong as they are. Plus because these were once rural islands, it can still hold the peace and serenity most patients in hospitals require.

Its just a suggestion, which makes a whole lot of sense to me. And if you have a problem with it feel free to comment anonymously or un anonymously.

p.s. this is the last post ill make for a long time coz tomorrow im going back to the hell hole we call paradise. so cya around!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Forward We March..

I have been reading a few articles posted by some of the fellow bloggers. Simon - This Doomed Nation and TheDA - Hear The News, Get The Picture, But It's Not Always Right. I suggest everyone get a good read.
Its about our nation crumbling to what can only be described as a war torn city, only there is no factual war. The politics which as been ruining our lives to such an extent, as to fight and bicker while the weak and helpless are ignored.
I also recommend to watch the video song by Disturbed - Land of Confusion.

I wont be coming home tonight
My generation will put it right
Were not just making promises
That we know, well never keep
- Land of Confusion (genesis)

No one has said anything about what they will do about the necessary problems at hand. They all call for reform and yet no one knows how to go about as to bring one.
No one has addressed a problem with a solution. They always say "he hasn't done this, He does that and we don't like it?" no one ever remotely suggested a solution other then "golhaabo faiba".
I know what I am trying to say is all over the place but I hope you get the idea.
Until someone comes and show me a 20 year plan of how he/she (thats right people.. "SHE ") would run this country I am not voting for anyone, and all you other freaks can go F*** yourselves.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Haveeru Comments Fix

You always notice that the Haveeru comments in Firefox comes up as a jumble of letters Halku has made a fix for Firefox using greasemonkey extension.
Link here.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

Not Yours...

click for a larger image.

ever thought abt the dreams you were in....
..which wasnt yours?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sh-Boom - The Chords

This is a very oldschool Dowap group. I really like this song very nice and classy.

Sh-Boom - The Chords

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

IE7 - No WGA

Internet Explorer 7 is microsofts way to make money. With windows genuine advantage its like a huge spyware built by the greedy corporate microsoft. Anyway here is a link for IE7 without the Windows Genuine Advantage. just download it and follow the instructions.

1. Download the IE7 - Final No WGA.rar file and extract it.
2. Copy the 'normaliz.dll' file to the system32 folder. (very important)
3. Install the product. 'update.exe' file in the update folder.
4. After installation run the 'xmllitesetup.exe' in the update folder to activate tab function.
5. Enjoy!

Some features tabbed browsing, fullscreen page browsing, dynamic tab thumbnail view and font smoothing for webpages.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Readers Choice

I was going through some of the comments for my recent posts and one of them caught my eye.

Anonymous said...
why dont u for once not label ur drawings, u always have an explanation of what u r doing ,let ur art speak for itself ,and let others try and understand the hidden meaning of these harm in letting others do some thinking inorder to understand their knowledge of art.

So anyway I decided to work on this critism and lets see if I have the talent of getting my message across....

Monday, October 23, 2006

In Between Grounds

This picture was taken by Athu. I love this pic because it shows the basics of persepctive. The background with the yatch, the middleground with the five girls and the foreground beach.

Self Portrait

I am who I am...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006

In Reality...

tie my self to a broken tree
wait for lightning to strike on me
alas poor myself for its a sunny day
if i don't die of a heatstroke, nothings going my way

funny how life is great for others
while your mind is blown away like feathers
i want to be dead and write about pain
but im just kidding myself coz i have everything to gain...

Have your way

Friday, October 20, 2006

Light Demon

Why must the demons always carry two swords?

Universal Console

We have all these game consoles. Sony playstation2, Microsoft xbox, and the Nintendo gamecube. (excluding the recent ones and the ones to come like ps3 and xbox360) I was wondering how cool it would be if we had just one console to run all the different format of games. Like there is Giam for msn, yahoo, icq, jabber, aim, g-talk messengers.
We know there is Linux for PS2. which makes your PS2 a personal computer. and there are lots of emulators out there that we can run xbox and ps2 systems on PCs. so i guess it is possible to make a universal console. I'm just wondering when it would be.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


You Are 52% Sociopath

You're not a sociopath, but you're very prone to antisocial behavior.
Other people's opinions matter little to you. You live your own fringe life - for better or worse.

Apparently I'm not as crazy as I thought I was...

Am I....?

Would I dare let them all down?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Never Realized It...

Dreams only make you realize what you really have...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Linux for i-pod

This is a pretty cool feature for i-pod owners. Run Linux OS on your i-pod. as well as play games like Doom and Packman on your ipod. check it out.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Drag - Ons

Any fan of the 'The Last Unicorn' around? Yeah you know what im talking about. the annoying cartoon that used to show almost everyday when we were kids on TVM. After a decade or so the theme songs to the Last Unicorn became a hit, the story was phenomenal. We all realised it only after a decade or so, I wonder why? But truely it was a movie way ahead of its time. With famous actors as voice cast such as 'Jeff Bridges' as Prince Lir, and 'Christopher Lee' (yes the guy who played Saruman in Lord of th rings) as King Haggard.

I once saw another cartoon like 5 years ago again on TVM. Which has a bad habbit of showing half of the movie over and over again. I only saw the end of it and never knew the name of this great movie with magic, dragons, damsels, ogres, knights wizards and elves. I loved the story instantly already being a fan of the alst unicornand 2 years back i was boringly wavering through the internet when i saw a picture of a green wizard from the movie I saw 3 years ago. I quickly read the title and it said 'The Flight of Dragons'.

IMDB was very helpful, it told me that the movie was directed by the same people who directed 'The Last Unicorn' (blooming best news ever). After 2 years finally today I have got the movie in my hands safely written to my hardrive. (oh thank you torrents)

It has this intresting view which takes us through a scientific perspective through the magical world. The voice cast also includes famous actors such as the late 'John Ritter' as the voice of Peter Dickenson and 'James Earl Jones' as the evil wizard Ommadon.

I enjoyed every bit of it. The story was magnificant. I dont want to give away anything so I'll stop before I get carried away. But please do see it. It wont dissapoint you.

Monday, October 02, 2006

[ma] zippo, [ma] bling & wuh'sup [ma] nigga!

Sex sells. Hiphop and rnb dominates this generations tv sets. MTV shows us whats cool. and great legends such as Nelly Furtado and Emminem suddenly seem to have sold out to write about asses and boobs and getting down with it. They used to write so good pieces, its ashame to see what they produce these days. People are so much in to ass I think we should have Dr. Alphonse Mephisto create a four assed woman. All the girls these days would do go for the guy who talks in street slang. let me rephrase that part in street slang, "bitchesnhoes shake it alnight with da homies who pump the ghetto. ya digg?"

I recently heard this story about this guy. See he has this girlfriend whos very intrested in the ways of the ghetto. Anyway, one of his workmates heard some clicking sounds from his cubicle while talking to himself. He got a bit closer and peeked to have look at whats going on. This guy was opening and closing his zippo lighter (which made the clicking sounds) and practicing to say "wuh'sup ma nigga" at the same time, over and over again. A little too much work to impress the ladies, dont you think?

I dont remember who said this but it really made sense. "be yourself, there's lots of other people". Things always works itself out in the end.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Led-Play with Cold-Straits and Dire-Zepplin

Known to me are the tunes and yet so different but still speaks the same language. I really dont know what I just said. For a minute there I thought I was Yoda.
i-tunes play in the back of my mind and the kings always dominated me. Even starting a sentence with dire- and ending with -epplin keeps me enticed, to the edge of my seat(bed). The masterpieces from begining to end calms and relaxes me (again.. on bed).

[ommit the first paragraph coz it was gibberish]

Coldplay has always depressed me. I dont know why. yellow is suppose to make me feel good and calm but instead it reminds me of harsh and boring sunday afternoons. Apparently telling someone that "I'd bleed myself dry" didnt help me at all. Maybe it was the tone, I dont know.

[here ends the rantings about my hate on coldplay.. I dont know why girls insist that i listen to it]

Direstraits spoke to me. They told me things I never knew about. Some of their souls were happy. which made me dance and enjoy. Some of them were sad yet made me want to fight for more. "And we have just one world, But we live in different ones." Ledzeplin.. (loss of speech) so.. good.. so good.. (cry)(in bed again)

[brothers in arms, sultans of swing, on every street, dyer maker, stairway to heaven, umwah umwah ummmmmmmmwah!!!]

I have yet to find a "SANE" girl who loves them kings... (the zepllins and the straits) I would marry her right here right now!!! (the bed comes a little later.. )

Update : I was wrong! coldplay isnt as horrible to me as I said before. I listened to 'swallowed in the sea' and it wasnt terrible, it was kinda nice actually. But 'yellow' has to be the most annoying song still!!

Leaked Video of Transformers the Movie.

I just got a leaked video of the transformers movie which is due in 2007. Its a small clip so enjoy.

Friday, September 29, 2006

unknown.title : creativity needs no name

My old blog template was a bit cramped up and dark looking. It needed space to breath. I seareched around the net for a simple template and found this one Andreas03. The name 'unknow.title : creativity needs no name' it suits this blog very nicely, atleast I think so.

I hate blogger. Theres some problem with the publishing of my blog. It keeps showing 0% for like 5 minutes or even more then only it publishes. Thats why it took me ages to make changes to this template.

I also had to include the post between *<(p)><(/p)> tags to keep it aligned nicely, otherwise it looks very messy. So anyway hope with this change better and more interesting articles will popup. Cheers! (This post will prolly take ages to publish)

* ignore ( )

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sigstat Uses Localboy's Work

I was going through Jaa's blog and I read this post about how uses Blobsy bot framework created by Jaa. Link here.

Sigstat is a signature which can be which can be used as forum signatures or put up on websites or blogs which will show your msn messenger status. Available in different styles and formats
Two thumbs up mate!!

Screenshots for my Sega games

Well the whole page was looking kinda boring without any screenshots. Sega games for PC with actual screenshots taken from my computer.. which was hard and took me ages to do that. But its up there now. Just click on the small image bullet [] next to the name of the game for a screenshot preview. Hopefully would interest the downloader and give them a preview of what they are abt to download. The images come in a small popup window so dont have to worry about loading in a new page or the same page. Direct link to download page below.

I also added small bullet icons below each page to make it more user friendly if possible. Aswell as a close button for the dhivehi songs streamer. so enjoy...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Portfolio

I updated my website with my portfolio. had to change the layout and template style to accomodate most of it and used Lightbox JS v2.0 as the gallery script. very cool script. so yeah feel free to check it here.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Update on bandey[dot]com

bandey[dot]com has gone through some changes. Got rid of the ugly dontknowwheretolook look and got a new sleek full black simpler look. (all the spaces are intentional.. its call being minimalistic.) Any way got rid of the gallery area for now, but will upload it soon as I find a good gallery script. (any suggestions is greatly appreciated) sorry about that. And please update on the links because the names of the pages have been changed.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Thank You....

For anyone who deserves a thanks from me, or who needs one or I owe one or just anyone who thinks I should give them thanks or  someone who in the near future I will thank, here's a million thanks to you from me... (click here to get your million thanks)

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Nextgen Os.

Booyah! get a load of these badboys. The operating systems of the next generation.
The Linux XGL/Compiz by Novell and Apple Spaces by Mac OS X Leopard.

Video 1. Linux XGL/Compiz by Novell.

Video 2. Apple Spaces by Mac OS X Leopard.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Blogger BETA

Yes blogger has merged with google to bring us a new version of Blogger. Its still in beta mode but if you have a google account you can get one to try out. People with old blogger accounts can merge with the new version.

It has super new features such as drag drop template edits, automatic repulishing, add labels, catagorised archiving, as well as the old features and many more. It works fine with IE and Firefox but still has problems with Opera and Netscape. So looks very very promising. Check update here.

Take a look at my test blog in blogger beta.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fauziya The Cat

This post is dedicated to my homies cat fauziyya. See, Fauziyya is white fluffy persian cat. Its potty trained and neutered. (for the illiterate it means that it shits in a box and its peepee is cut off.. **OMG what a inhumane thing to do!!!** get a life you frigging animal perverts!!!) Any way people may now wonder if its a male cat or a female cat. Well its a male cat and it has no peepee or balls. (why do i keep calling it a peepee???) Yet we call it a girls name. Why? well it was originally named 'Prince' but it only responds to the name 'Fauziya', so thats why. It likes to sleep at day time and wake us up at midnight. Doesnt play with expensive toys we buy for it nooo, it gets more amused with balls of tissue or a piece of string. It hates water. Three people can barely hold it so we could get it to take a bath. and after the bath it decides to lick it self clean. Its a very stupid cat, but nontheless its good company. So here are some pictures of Fauziya.

pic 1 . Fauziya sleeping on my feet

pic 2 . Fauziya under a chair (Adorable aint it)

video below . Fauziya licking its ass!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Windows Live Writer beta

This post is posted by using the windows live writer. Its developed to be used for Windows live spaces but can also be used by Blogger, Wordpress and others.

Its pretty cool easy to use interface helps you to type and view howthe finished post will look like before it is posted.

Download it here.

Bit of features from the site.

• Edit your entries using your blog's standard headings, fonts, colors, etc.

• Easily switch between HTML source-code editing, WYSIWYG editing, and Web preview modes

• See exactly what your post will look like before you upload it

• Compose posts even when you're not connected to the Internet

• Insert photos, maps, and other graphics

• Change the size of your graphics, and add borders and other effects

• Create thumbnail images that link to larger versions

• Easily upload photos directly to your blog provider (if it supports the new Media Object API), or to an FTP server

• Compose posts for Windows Live Spaces as well as Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, and many other services

• Easily work with RSD (Really Simple Discoverability), the Metaweblog API, and the Movable Type API

Maldivian Erotica

I found this blog about the infamous 'Haseenage diary' the first erotic story i remeber that has been around. yeah its in audio too :D

so check it out


Finally Iya had updated the jumanji war / blog wars. So stay tuned for my post which is going to be wild!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Gay Jesus

man i just had to put this on... :D
laughed my ass off

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006

Wmp11 - fool proof method.

As i posted before on how to install the Windows Medpia Player 11 beta.
TheDA pointed out a better way to install which doesnt cause problems later. so here it is.. (you need to have winRAR)

1. Download the Wmp11.
2. Extract files in to folder.
3. Download file CRACK.rar and extract it.
4. Copy legitcheckcontrol.dll to windows/system32
5. Copy legitlib.dll to the folder where you extracted the Wmp11 files overwriting the original file.
6. Run the setup file.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

2001: A Space Odyssey

Ever wondered what Stanley Kubrik wanted us to learn from his movie 2001, a space odyssey??
the stange monoliths, apemen and suddenly the civilised space people with AI??

well heres a flash site which the whole movie is explained in a much simpler form!!

My first steps...

I started my first steps towards creating the ultimate blog (for me that is..) so i have been looking over some blogscripts, posted help on some forums, and started a blog on wordpress to take steps further.
** i really wasnt that happy with this blog. but it had been very good to my needs.**
but anyway, my belly still growls for more so all my work done on wordpress would be updated on my wordpress blog and here. (all help n advice welcome!!)

The (im)mature world of cartoons

OK!! this is my observation on how the maturity ratings goes with the popluar sketch cartoons like southpark, the simpsons, familyguy and the american dad...

simpsons - bart stole a head of a statue and maggie shoots mr.burns

familyguy - stevie breaks brians legs with a bat, throws him down a flight of stairs, breaks a glass jar over hishead so the glass cuts straights to his face becoz he didnt pay him back the money he owe... n chris masturbates behind a couch while her sister meg has her friends over for a sleepover

americandad - stan has bumsex with rodger the alien...

southpark - cartman grindsup a boys parents to chillie and feeds it to him..

so its a pretty self desicive thing. Simpsons is more family orientated but is still has lots of sexual references. Familyguy and the rest is well.. lets just say people who get easily offended shouldnt watch it..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 Beta

To download Windows Media Player 11, click here.

The WMP11 isnt allowed to be installed on pirated WindowsXP.
So here is the Solution. winRAR or win zip is needed for this...

1. extract the file "wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe"
2. run "wmfdist11.exe"
3. restart
4. run "wmp11.exe"
5. run the wmp shortcut
6. finish

i hate my computer...

My computer got a virus and after I fixed it my apace2triade doesnt work...
Im good to it.. take care of it
I use it everyday... Why must it do this to me...
Now I cant finish my website :(

Monday, June 26, 2006

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger, download link.

Messenger Plus! Live, download link.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


This has to be the hilalrious photo of naruto i have ever seen... and the funniest thing is only the naruto fans will understand it :P


Now this guy is a total wank!!
click picture to read more.

Damn Scripting!! (updates)

Well I deleted half of my template. Now Im stuck here with this template. Still not happy with it. am not sure why.....
I have got a 2 month break and it is soooo boring... and have been working on the project andhiri issue 2, it takes a long long time to finish a page. Im not sure when I could finish this issue. but hopefully before the end of June. Plus I updated my apache programme to apache2triad and I cant get access to my databases. Stupid computer. It says its there but localhost doesnt work. So Im kinda stuck on the web developing projects.
Oh and check out this really cool bird video. It can imitate sounds it hears, even camerashutters, chainsaws and car alarms. Very convincing. and very cool.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


"void" by me. medium corel photopaint x3

The "void" actually inspired me to draw something reading this hilalrious story.

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?" The girl said, "NO!" And the guy lived happily ever after and went fishing, hunting and played golf a lot and drank beer and farted whenever he wanted. The End
Author - unknown

But somehow i couldnt understand what i drew even myself. I must have been high..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Banner

The new banner I made for this blog is kinda weird. I like the effect of the dirty fonts. plus the mac wallpaper has always been very calming to my eyes so I used that. Hope I dont violate any copyright infirngments...
i deleted half of my template putting this on.. bloody stupid me.. well back to the drawin board.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bunny Suicides

Yeah. Its lots creative ways for little furry rabbits to commit suicide. If you are a rabbit and feeling depressed or just want to commit suicide for the fun of it click here, and see your choices.
Personally I think the artist is a genius.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Loose Change - 9/11 Conspiracy

The buzz now is the new 911 conspiracy documentary "9/11 Loose Change". This documentray kept me glued to the screen. The facts were unbelievably simple, I kept saying to myself why didnt I notice that before. Unlike the other documentary "Fahrenheit 911" by Micheal Moore, Loose Change has a more direct approach, I didnt find any part of it to sway off topic or set my mind to wander off. exccellent documentary I must say... Makes you want to bash in Bushes head in to a pile of broken glass and metal spikes and call that place Ground Zero....
Click here to watch it on Google Video.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Graffiti Classroom

These are some graffiti work I did on my cousins classroom in Kalaafaanu, as a part of class decorations. I did the concrete beam, and 3 walls.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The toilet, the monitor and the wheelie chair..

This is picture of a toilet, a computer monitor and a broken wheelie chair standing on a wall of someplace near swim track in Male'... Now that ive taken this picture let us take an indepth look at it in a very artisticway. (people who hate art and other arty farty stuff may browse to another page from here..)
As the weird little man inside my head who constantly tells me do questionable and suggestive stuff in public says and i quote "touch the leather seats of peoples motor bikes and be aroused, and tell the guy to take you on a ride..." (that made no senses to what im talking about so lets ignore it)
The concept behind this work is i assume to be is "An attempt to stop the filthy mobility, technology has on our lifestyle." To explain this I have to break the picture in to parts.
The Computer Monitor, represents the technology. But the fact that the screen is blank says, "if I was on I would have the power over you."
Next is The Toilet. it represents a daily ritual of our life. Pooing and peeing. And also the uncleanliness in this world has on every society.
Last is The Wheelie Chair. It shows that the wheels are the cogs of movement. The way it is put upside down on wall represents that the artist was trying to stop the filth the technology is trying to push in to our daily society.
Its an inspiring piece of art. How the artist captures it in the most simplest form. Even though I have attempted to translate this wonderful model, the true meaning is always in the stomach of the authour. To bring that out I have to be a freakkin surgeon.

Moral of this review is dont listen to the crap people say, people dont photograph nude models because its very artistically done. They do it because they are friggin bloody horny. Same concept applies for every single critic out there.

I hope to review more random pictures i take in the future, stay in touch...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Wait what if that happend to me... OO.
this isnt funny anymore...