Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Boring Life

What have I been up to since my last post?
I swear to god it talked...

OK no jokes. I took this picture from the menu of Lemon grass Restaurant. So its genuine. they Serve HEESE BURGER!! cow heese from the looks of it...

Zero Performed at the Resurrection Show at Alimas Carnival. They opened with a new song :D
sad I dont know which song it is.

HULHUMALE' ANNUAL DAY [16th May] ZERO DEGREE ATOLL is going to perform fully featured through out the night. no other band. with a LASER LIGHT SHOW!!!

You really dont see this everyday.
Its the BAT FOAH!! cant you see the batman insignia outlining the center hole. ITS IN THE SHAPE OF THE BATMAN LOGO!!! What?? god might have decided to put a batman logo instead of the name for a change.

Bumper car night at Skippy's. Great stress reliever (it is ironic yes.)

Ah my Boring Life till now...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

If Things Were Opposite...

  • Wataniya. Lifes crap, Keep it to yourself.
  • C-False Opticals, a Circus mirror making company
  • Johnson and Johnson "Lot More Tears" formula.
  • Maldives the Sunny Side of Life (yes, that IS the opposite)
  • Maimeehaa ah emme rangalhee kuda dharifulhuge kiru???!!!
  • Hitler was a Peruvian midwife named Hitlera.
  • No Internet porn
  • Sergey Brin and Larry page open a peepshow in their basement called "Google"
  • Macrohard is a penal enhancement surgery innovated by Dr.Bill Gates
  • Gmail is Avasmail.
  • Maldivian Movies, A.K.A. Mollywood (seriously they use that) would be making world wide blockbusters.
  • Seezan, Seaxan.. wateva, would be Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Anni would be the President of United States.
  • Youppe' would be Mono and Mono would be Youppe' (kekeke.. inside joke)
  • Jumanji would have more hair on his head and less on his body.
  • Hunger, poverty and war would still be as it is.
  • Gang fights would be resolved with Street dancing. (in that case would be illegal)
  • All girls are virgins and will claim that they are sluts.
  • Hideously Fat chicks would be Hot!
  • Ichiban!! Lipstick for men.
  • You would have to read this blog from another dimension.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Petition

So I was reading through Iya's latest post "Be an asshole.. Be happy" and its about girls falling for dead beat jerks while the nice guys are there to pick up the scraps. (which is true! theres a reason why a website called "crazymaldivians" was made)
As you read along to the bottom to see the comments you find one pent up character "rundin thalhaa". He is such an enthusiastic character that I decided (out of my own kind will mind you) to start a petition to get "HOT GIRLS" to like him. So please fell free to sign up the petition (by commenting i guess...) and if we get 10 individuals to sign the petition... I dont know. Lets see what will happen from there shall we.

oh and the gay petition. sign up for that too by commenting :P