Thursday, March 22, 2007

Creative Swearing

Anybody can swear. little boys n girls, big boys and girls, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, even talking parrots. (damn izekeel the budgerigar) But it seems the rationality of a good swear is too common now a days. As I said before.. anybody can swear. So how can we stand out?

Coming out
Remember the first swear word you said out loud? the swell up of either anger or excitement. adrenalin rushing, making your palms sweat. wondering if you'd get in to trouble. (You didnt? Well u must be sum sort of mamma's boy/girl, aint ya?)
We have been swearing since then the same way we felt comfortable. (Is there anything comfortable about swearing?) fuck, tits, cunt, pussy, dick all so.. mediocre. But when you think about it its what you say what really matters.

Usually u say this out of anger. But lets see what happens when you say this with the same hatred!
Now its Stingy. Its bold. Its not everyday you hear that. Its makes the subject confused and re-think his actions.
"is he gay?, is he not saying it right? is he so mad at me that hes going to ass rape me?"
Lets face it, NO straight man wants to be assraped by another angry dude. Then without knowing how to react to this he would probably say
then you reply..
"You heared me im going to pin you to the floor infront of everyone and fuck you in the ass and make you scream that you are my bitch!!"
(You DON'T have to anally violate the man, but it gets the crowd laughing with you and at him plus making him bit scared that you might actually do it)

Basic 101
You know theres things you don't like about what people do and you end up booing or hissing at them. Don't boo or hiss!! be more specific...
eg : "what are you doing?? (shocked angry face) I HATE THAT!!! I'M MELTING!!! I hope you die in a pit of flesh eating opera singing spiders just because you did that"
This is a common one. It sort of come as a greeting to demean each other. Without saying good morning you say "Mornin' Assface!". Or call out to someone to get their attention "Hey Dipshit!!". To be creative you have to think beyond normal expectations but keep it short.
  • Think of a disgusting animal or insect or thing. (eg, baboon, maggot, vomit)
  • Visualise what his face mostly resemble (eg, gay tellitubby, violated chicken)
  • Disgustin bodypart (eg, sweatypits, pus-filled bellybutton, hairy nipples)
  • Combo blows, combining two or more of the above with each other or with description (eg, evil spawn, nipple leech, baboon ass face, shit covered beetle stuck in a pile of continuous vomit!!)
This is the most creative form of swearing. It gives you a broad horizon of pure evil and humiliation of any sort to design and hand it over in a neat platter of "in your face". Basically its hoping and wishing bad things upon people (Nooo, not wishing it and praying it to yourself, say it to their faces)
The idea behind is you hope for something, eg, "I hope you die!" but instead of keeping it simple you add horrible torturing 'outoftheblue' ideas, let it flow, show them how you truly feel. The end result would be something like this..
eg, "I hope an angry swarm of bees fly up your anus and make a hive and sting you inside till you blow up like a balloon and burst and die!" (Don't hold back on the type of words to use)
eg, "I hope a sexually depraved mouth foaming mad goat comes and rapes you in front of three gay masturbating gorillas!" (Specifying numbers makes the victim think. Throwing them off course makes it difficult for them to make a comeback)
Same attributes can be used with "Im gonna kill you with.." and "I wish you would...".

Like stated above, its putting yourself in a vulnerable position to humiliate someone else.
eg, "If you dont back off i swear I'll give you a french kiss and finger your ass!!"
Calling someone by a girls name. (make it a horrid name that you would never call your daughter) This is vice versa with gender, call guys, girls names and girls, guys names.
eg, Girlsnames - belinda, agatha, ainthu, shaima, huneyana, vagina, zineyna, pussy, zubeydha, saleema, findhufureyni, fathun, tampon, cue tip, julie, samantha, etc...
eg, Guysnames - jonnie, jack, mode, hussen, ayya, niyaz, slagathor, godzilla, penis, dick, husham, hurriya, foakey, oppo, boobman, etc....

So that covers most of the basic creative swearing. hope u enjoyed, please practice in protected areas where you know you wont get in to any sort of trouble.

p.s. im not responsible for any of your behavior after reading this.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

At Worlds's End!!

ok this is the best god damn trailer ive seen so far!!! pirates premier.. i cant wait!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dhivehi Songs On My Blog

[Since my website went down my blog doesn't support any of the mentioned songs to download anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.]
To make your stay or visit or pass by through this blog more soothing I have put an MP3 Player on my Bloggie (Thanks to FLAMplayer v1.55). And its filled with Dhivehi songs!! So have a blast people!!
Heres a list of songs I have for you to listen n download..
[click me to go to song download page]

Abdul Ganee - Theyravaa
Absee - Eyzamaana
Ali Rameez - Ummeedh
Appi - Barahanaa
Appi - You Belong
Bodu Beru - Roa Tho Vey
Bodu Beru - Vachuvarey
Bodu Beru - Roohudhee
Bodu Beru - Yathiara
D.I.B. - Mee Noorthoa
D.I.B. - Farivaaney Guldhan
D.I.B. - Mamma Midhey Ihthiraam
D.I.B. - Kiyaa Dhoothakun
D.I.B. - Hoadhaa
D.I.B. - Thin Lafzun
D.I.B. - Dhaathee Dhen
D.I.B. - Hiyaaluvee Dheevanaa
D.I.B. - Roohu Dhiruveyne
D.I.B. - Mee Dhivehiraahjey
D.I.B. - Thiya Loabeega
D.I.B. - Angaanulaa Dhen Nudhey
D.I.B. - Dhin Nazar
D.I.B. - Fazaaey Dhihlanee
D.I.B. - Moosum Gulhey
D.I.B. - Madhadhu Gaa
D.I.B. - Mithurey
Fasy - Been A Long Long Time
Fasy - Painted In Black
Fasy - Rising
Fasy - Your Betrayal
Fasy - Rythem Of The Wave
Hassan Ibrahim - Ehkibaa
Illsight - Bikahaalugaa
Illsight - Curse
Illsight - Eheelun
Illsight - Hayaaiy
Illsight - Lies
Illsight - Vettuneemaa
Jameela Hassan - Ekuveri Vafaatheri
Jameela Hassan - Nooru Nooru
Jameela Hassan - Nooru Nooru (Remix)
Mezzo - Udun Tharithah
Mezzo - Roalhi
Mezzo - Visna Visna
Mezzo - Ehurenge Haalu
Mezzo - Fathihu Feney
Mezzo - Fathihu Fini
Mezzo - Marey Mithuraa
Mezzo - Miyoh Dhuniyeeh
Mezzo - Roanu Edhuru
Mezzo - Vejje Kamakaa
Naanu - Hudhuparee
Naifaru Dhohokko - Shaadhee Gaanaa
Naifaru Dhohokko - Jaazbee Asarugadha
Olympians - Hoadhey Gulayzaar
Olympians - Fikuray
Olympians - Ey Zamaan
Olympians - Dhuniyey farivaa
Olympians - Saharoa
Olympians - Beyvafaa
Olympians - Aaakuhjekey
Olympians - Loabi Magey
Olympians - Asar Deyney Nethee
Olympians - Nunidheyhaa Sazaa
Olympians - Gisleveythee Mithaa
Olympians - Ey Handhaa
Olympians - Veynee Vaarey
Olympians - Karuna Mi Ohoray
Olympians - Ey Loabivaa Malaa
Rythem Stick Command - An'naanamey
Rythem Stick Command - Chaabook
Rythem Stick Command - Hushiyaarey
Rythem Stick Command - Kaasimaa majaa
Rythem Stick Command - Kashavarey annanamey
Rythem Stick Command - Raiveribey
Rythem Stick Command - Ran Kamanaa
Sameeu - Hooru Kanbaafulhu
Sameeu - Balabala
Sameeu - Beynunveemaa
Sameeu - Fariparee
Sameeu - Nudhaashe Dhookohfaa
Sameeu - Handhuavru Thakun
Sameeu - Bulbul Ehee Dheynuhey
Trio - Chaaley
Trio - Raarukugaa
Zero Degree Atoll - Envaguvee
Zero Degree Atoll - Falivalhu
Zero Degree Atoll - Fashan
Zero Degree Atoll - Fehima Libaas
Zero Degree Atoll - Haakaali Buruvaali
Zero Degree Atoll - Heyambo
Zero Degree Atoll - Heyambo (remix)
Zero Degree Atoll - Hus Fuloak
Zero Degree Atoll - Kalhu Bulhaleh
Zero Degree Atoll - Kalhu Soru
Zero Degree Atoll - Maru Fali
Zero Degree Atoll - Miskithu vakaru
Zero Degree Atoll - Reethi Handhuvaru
Zero Degree Atoll - Thakurah Baheh

[more to come]

Random Song in My Head

Hoadhenee ey hoadheynee..

Yaaru magey HOADHEYNEEE!!!

BEYnun vAatheeee...


ok maybe I was a little high!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sun Block [vs] Eric Prydz

Sun Block - First time

Eric Prydz - Call On Me

Ok here are the most arguably Hottest videos I came across. The legendary "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz and the Seductive "First Time" by Sun Block. So all you have to do is rate these two videos to find the winner, the most sexiest and hottest video of all time!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

They Are Finally Building It!!

On our final year in C.I.T. we were asked to refurbish our uni library. We were to come up different designs and the client were to pick the best one, and our group got chosen. So Finally after 2 years they are starting construction in April. So WOOOOHOOOOO to me.

Any one who want to look at the designs can take a peek here.

Cant Wait

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Poem To A Rumbling Tummy

Oh dear tummy of mine
You rumble oh so fine
You tell me its time to eat
with a wave of trembling feat
(ok, that was stupid..)

So anyway this is what I ate today, Its the most yummiest, scrumptious treat I had put in my belly so far. Nando's Espetada. Looks good right. No wonder I cant stick to a diet. Its propaganda I tell you. They come up with delicious n fancy looking new trickles of joy that melts in your tummy which you just adore to eat, so they can make money of our desire for food!!
Damn you all, you evil leeches from hell!!!

For Better Or Worse

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Snap Preview

This is nifty sneak preview script. It shows thumbnails of the website you are about to get linked to if you hover over the link or the small icon next to the link. Its fully customizable, its free and free is always good Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I found this script being used on Maldivian Poet (<-- hover on the icon for preview) It looked cool so I thought I would add it to mine too. You can now hover over my link list or link icon before you click on it to see a small preview of where the link will lead you. awesome eh!! If you find it annoying you have the option to turn it off at the top right corner of the preview box. Now get your own from here

i removed this feature coz it was too annoying for me too (seemd like a gud idea at the time)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vilaa Tharithakaa


Avoidable is the new thing running a muck in the Maldivian blogging community now. A series of podcasts discussing the all day factors of the typical Maldivian interest. Good work guys. Here, have a listen..

Link -