Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Earthbound Human-oid!

Well its almost summer break and most of my friends are leaving or left to go back home. The facination one gets when the thought of going back home rises through your spine like a dandelion in the spring...

Er.. I dont know what thats suppose to mean . But it did sound interlectual.
Anyways for the people who havent gone home in ages will be so excited. All these questions floating inside their heads. How will home look like? Has it changed? Is the Islaameemarukazu now made of metal? I headerd that the streets are now paved so do we walk without our shoes on?

"haaaanhaaanhaanhaaaaaan...... haaaanhaaanhaaanhaaaaaan!!!" (ahem.. a little inside joke)

But still have a great break all of you and hope you guys have fun with your loved ones family and friends.... :D

I just realised that this post has no whatsoever correlation to the headding...
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