Sunday, March 26, 2006 is now online

yay.. is finally online for real :D.
A little overview of what is in the website. Online games, the classic SEGA games for your PC where you can download them and play on your computer for free, art and wallpapers, and ofcourse project | andhiri.
Porject | andhiri is still in the makin so dont worry if the link isnt working. Hopefully I'll finish it by the end of this month and have it to you by then.
keep watching for more updates.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Messed up my blog

i kinda messed up my previous script for my blog now i have to use this temporary one instead. dont worry it will be up and running pretty soon...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

PROJECT andhiri

PROJECT andhiri has been underway for a few days now. This is hopefully my latest diabolical plan to bring forth my creations to the public. For those who have no idea about what PROJECT andhiri is its a webcomic I am developing now. Its suppose to be a monthly or so comic hopefully i can stick to that schedule. The comic can be downloaded from as soon as i upload it. Will post more updates soon.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 underconstruction.. again

Yeah its underconstruction coz I'm having too much trouble with everything but will be up soon.

Monday, March 13, 2006

That Song That Ali Ramez Sang...

You know that old series we used to watch "Salhibaisaa"? This is that song Ali Rameez sang in the last episode of it it was a huge hit. I like it even though its not his original song. Lets face it, who in Male' actually has an "original" song? anyways heres the song guitartabs for people who wanna play it..


C ---------Dm--------- Am -------- G
otheemaa, Umeedhugaa veehey nimeyn
G Dm ------------------------------ E
mayousvefa vamey mithaa loaibattaka
F ----------------------- G
vaa dheevanaga vanee foosey
F G - C --------------Dm --------Am----- G
loabin shakuvaa miey, mihayai eha andhiri veema
------A# ---F ------G# ------G
arihah dhaa hivvey, dhekila hivvey

Am ----------------Dm -----------G
vaathee hithugaami, hairaan vefaa hureema
G ----------------------Am
hiyrovvali jaadhoothakunney
G -------------Am
aniyaa (aniyaa) dhen thiyadhey (dhen thiyadhey)
G -------------F ---------------G
rihumey huree kalaa handhaanugaa

C --------Dm --------G ---------Am
annashey maa ehdey, maushooga thiyadhey
Am -----------Dm ---F -------------G
dheyshe loabin firuma, jaazubee maai raani
C -------------Dm ------G --------------Am
bunedheyshey ruhemey, noonee dhaanee dhuniyen
F --------------G --------C
gaadhaanviyya ishqee raani

ey loabivaa, hiyy adhugova annanan hey
maayousvefaa vamey libey veynun mithaa
kehkoh huree mithaa fanaavaan

veynee thiya ishqey, nimigen dhaathee rovenee ey
ishqee thuraa dheythee, vefanaa dhaathee
kiyaamee, asaraa ekee, majubooru haaleh gaa vee
hiyy ivvali edhumekey mi
assavaa (assavaa) ithuraa magey (ithuraa magey)
russavaa, saahibaa magey

annashey maa ehdey, maushooga thiyadhey
dheyshe loabin firuma, jaazubee maai raani
bunedheyshey ruhemey, noonee dhaanee dhuniyen
gaadhaanviyya ishqee raani

bunelaashey... aan ey... gulhi faanamey

annashey maa ehdey, maushooga thiyadhey
dheyshe loabin firuma, jaazubee maai raani
bunedheyshey ruhemey, noonee dhaanee dhuniyen
gaadhaanviyya ishqee raani

aan ey.... aan ey.... aan ey....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ghost Rider's Sweet Ride

Check out the awesome ride Ghostrider, played by Nicholas Cage, will be driving. those flaming wheels and skull head. I wishI had that bike. DAMN YOU NICHOLAS CAGE!!!!

check out the site @ ""

Spidey In Black

New pictures of spiderman have come out, it looks like a plain black and white picture but its actually a black suite. Spiderman will be changing his webs to black in the next movie.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Magic of Pandora

I got this link to a website Its pretty cool. You search for a song it plays the song and give you a list of other songs with the same kind of genre and style. Its like playing radio but better. So check it out guys. :D