Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Theory. The Suggestion.

Anonymous said...

interesting theory, get someone else to do the work as usual...

why dont you suggest something better for the nation, instead of sitting around complaining about how the country is becoming a war torn city, when its actually far from it!

This was a comment on my last post. apparently anonymous direct comments like these are usually because they themselves don't want to be a target and hide behind a facade and yell at others without putting up a fight themselves. (Hypocrites I tell you..)

So heres my suggestion on how to improve the nation.

This is a suggestion which will confuse most people, mostly because they don't want change or move away from the capital.

We decentralize hospital specialties throughout the Maldives. We can have a hospital in Addu specialized in heart conditions. Another in Hanimaadhoo Specializing in Kidneys or Cancer. And other places with different specialty's. So If it is distributed the people doesn't have to go far as lanka to get treatment. They can got to the island and of course that means more people going to get treatment, people will have opportunities to start small businesses. Building hotels for people from other places to come and stay. Offering more jobs to the locals. Getting a chance to better their lives without the simple Maldivian dream of "Going to male' to study". Because of the people and the booming population, the schools will get better. Teachers will want to stay. And you'll have a stunning, growing bunch of people who are happy and satisfied, making whole of our nation scattered and wide spread, yet stand strong as they are. Plus because these were once rural islands, it can still hold the peace and serenity most patients in hospitals require.

Its just a suggestion, which makes a whole lot of sense to me. And if you have a problem with it feel free to comment anonymously or un anonymously.

p.s. this is the last post ill make for a long time coz tomorrow im going back to the hell hole we call paradise. so cya around!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Forward We March..

I have been reading a few articles posted by some of the fellow bloggers. Simon - This Doomed Nation and TheDA - Hear The News, Get The Picture, But It's Not Always Right. I suggest everyone get a good read.
Its about our nation crumbling to what can only be described as a war torn city, only there is no factual war. The politics which as been ruining our lives to such an extent, as to fight and bicker while the weak and helpless are ignored.
I also recommend to watch the video song by Disturbed - Land of Confusion.

I wont be coming home tonight
My generation will put it right
Were not just making promises
That we know, well never keep
- Land of Confusion (genesis)

No one has said anything about what they will do about the necessary problems at hand. They all call for reform and yet no one knows how to go about as to bring one.
No one has addressed a problem with a solution. They always say "he hasn't done this, He does that and we don't like it?" no one ever remotely suggested a solution other then "golhaabo faiba".
I know what I am trying to say is all over the place but I hope you get the idea.
Until someone comes and show me a 20 year plan of how he/she (thats right people.. "SHE ") would run this country I am not voting for anyone, and all you other freaks can go F*** yourselves.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Haveeru Comments Fix

You always notice that the Haveeru comments in Firefox comes up as a jumble of letters Halku has made a fix for Firefox using greasemonkey extension.
Link here.