Thursday, August 01, 2013

Twitter Short Stories

Short stories written by me on twitter. Challenge is to fit the story in to one twitter post (140 characters). Will update more as I write them...

Lanie and Price Tyler Mitch Stella Azza Karam Phillip Fred Dave Kelvin Sally Abel

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Creepy Origins of Dhivehi Haru Bas

"Nuroa dhariyakah kireh nulibeyné." said Fathumaidhy to her mute baby.
As Alifulhu gasped for air, Salaanjahaa Kanukoi whispered in to his ears "Fethunu odygé riyaa dhashu viyas, Kanaku aiy dhashu nuvaashey"
"Valhi reethy thila thooniyyaa" Andhiri Andhirin praised the blade that slew Ali Rasgéfaan.
"Veheythaa Fennagaashey.. or it gets the hose again!"
"Hello Clarice. Ama buneethy farahtha thi dhany?"
"Hiyanyah mudi negiyas keeh kuraany" said the shadow Jinn as it proceeded to devour Ahammadu in front of his family.

*Postscript; These are not the actual origins of the harubas/proverbs, they have been placed in certain scenarios for dramatic effect. Although most of the Dhivehi proverbs are really creepy on their own. You can find more Dhivehi harubas and their meanings from MAFS

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sunday, April 07, 2013


The moment you feel so confident about your social skills and decided to explore new groups of friends (or random strangers you meet at random places for stranger and more random reasons) but you cant talk about anything because you are too conscious about everything. Especially the long awkward silence where neither you or the next party know what to say. yearrpp.. Loooooong.. and awwkkwaaarrd......

Then you scurry home and .. 
This is lame..
Screw this.. no im not doing this. have a picture of a turtle, for your trouble...

I'm a turtle.. and I can suweeeem!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Procrastination Delusion

Since the invention of fast and quick social media and hand held smart devices and its booming use to my everyday needs, I have found myself neglecting some of the things I used to enjoy doing. Blogging, reading, listening to music, playing music, drawing, painting, video games, cooking, exercise and self hygiene. There are lots of other things I regret ignoring but lets leave it at that.

The realization came a bit too late I guess. Now I am thrice the man in weight and half (or none of) the man in morale, character, and every other attribute I used as my own personality. You could describe me well as the poster boy for most of the seven sins. I am a shame on mankind.

I am reviving this blog to assert my roots. To take back what I have lost. To gain confidence. To give back. To rid the procrastination. To awake from delusion. To atone my sins. In saying so I recite bismi, and open with this post a new chapter to my life.

Now here is a picture of a cat walking funny..

"herpitty derpitty walkitty walk- kitty"