Sunday, July 13, 2008

Conflict of Interest

Tell me a feeling,
I want to know who you are.
Tell me why you are kneeling,
So I would kneel without fear.

Help is so far away,
How I want to hold your hand.
The pain makes me sway,
Like a rocker to his favorite band.

This conflict is mine to keep,
Locked in my heart with a crest.
In your hands I want to weep
With a conflict of interest.

Based on True Story

Friday, July 11, 2008


Bucket loved the fish so water became plentiful. The fish asked for water and it was given a bucketful, when the bucket ran out of water fish asked for more and was given more. In return the fish gave beautiful pearls filled with adventourous stories of mighty fishermen which the fish battled against. Fish wasn't greedy it needed its daily fix. Yet the addiction grew more and more and the bucket provided. Then the bucket became bored of the fish and decided to give water as it pleased. Fish didn't complain. But it was saddened by the less continual water it was given. fished loved the bucket...

*crumples the paper and throws it to the floor*

Friday, July 04, 2008

Moble & Niuciular

I was watching the demonstration of iphone 3g on apple website, and the guy kept saying "moble" phone. It reminded me of the incident where Bush jr. kept saying "niuciular" warheads over and over again. Since when did America think it was ok to change pronounciations to "mobile" and "nuclear"??

your moble phone is powered by my niuciular power cell..

pish posh chap! you are ruining english with your retarded education values!!