Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Habee and a Hippie Walks in to a Bar...

"The Government is trying to control our freedom. We are a humble community who loves peace and prosperity. The Government officials make laws to deny us of our rights and invent different types of insurance to keep control over us. Our hard earned money shall not be subjected to the government as tax laws to fund for their evil crimes against humanity. They watch our every move and judge us like animals. The public must be aware of their Criminal intentions. We shall march a protest against the Government and if the Government doesn't change, we will TAKE OVER!!" Said the Haabee.

"Yeah!! What He Said!!!... but with weed!!!" said the Hippie.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

List of Alibis/Reasons the Island Aviation Pilot could have “Accidentally” sent the Hijack Code

So Island Aviation is in a bit of a blunder. One of the planes sent a hijack code while trying to depressurize the cabin, in SriLankan air space. So heres a list of alibis/reasons the pilot could have "accidentally" done it.

  • "OK which one of you goons switched the labels of  "HIJACK CODE" with "DE-PRESSURE"??? "

  • "What does this button do?"

  • Co-Pilot - " I  DARE you!!"

  • Pilot "This button lets you say "Hi" to Jack over at Srilankan Air Traffic Control".
    Co-Pilot "Who's Jack? and why do we need to say "Hi" to him?"...

  • "The New Flight attendant was so HOTT, and I got a boner... yea its that long!!"

  • It was my Co-Pilot's birthday and we all were playing twister...

  • The voices in my head told me to do it!!

  • Shanmoon Beybes video was horrible and I panicked and I was trying to switch it off.... gawd!! the horror!!! soo small!!

  • HIJACK.. or AUTOPILOT... I got confused!!!

  • Co-Pilot - " I  DOUBLE DARE YOU!!"

Link to Actual Story on Haveeru (Dhivehi)