Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Question to Ponder...

So I decided to get my blogging game back on, too much facebooking can be boring too. So heres a question for you.. From which blog you are most likely to get a sexually transmitted infection from? To make your choices a bit narrower below are four blogs for you to "test drive".

1. Legacy of Pain
Ah finally a hypocritical jerk whom you can rely on to painfully blow hot air in to your ass and prick your belly with a harpoon so that your guts may splash and spill all over your friends and family's faces. Yes its true, exposing everyone for whom they are hiding out to be is his favorite pastime. Who knows what his honest nature may spread to the nether regions of unsuspecting people? (Seriously you really don't know where his "honesty" has been.)

2. Darth Sath
To tell you the truth I honestly don't know what his point is about, but it seems that he is letting out a lot of pent up frustrations through his posts, like the whole joospetty thing. He was making a good point and all but later on I think he was confused as to where he was going with it, was it joospetty flavored pussy or pussy flavored joospetty?? (In my opinion I don't think you can contract something from someone who isn't getting any... thus his frustrations.)

3. Bulhaa
Let me tell you this. What kind of infection would you expect to get from someone who fancies taking pictures of turds and making ridiculous comics about turds, occasionally steps on dead cats, whines about not getting attention, is not satisfied with the attention they get, decide to make a blog and whine about not getting attention so as to get more attention world wide? (Summing up, an attention seeking whore who has a gross fetish.)

4. Bandey (yours truly)
[insert known gross fact about me and decide]

As to come up with which blog is most likely to contract a sexual disease from the above choices, I set up a small poll for the visitors to choose. please scroll down the sidebar to see the poll and VOTE! yes your vote matters so quite whining and vote.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Im part of an association called the Maldivian Graffiti Artisits where they use the facebook graffiti application to draw stuff. they hold contests often and different types of fun activities. Here are some stuff I drew...