Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hello Victim, Lets Play A Game

Sorry for the late post. got a bit busy. for those who don't know, me and bulhaa played a game. we gave each a list of things to do and post them on the blog as proof. (even though bulhaa cheated a lot)
click here for bulhaa's list.

So below is the list of things bulhaa gave me..

1. A tampon box (so i cant find the difference between pads and tampons)

2. Me in a bra shop next to a bra. (wasnt as awkward as i thought, even with my manboobies)

3. The drawing I promised bulhaa. (surprise!!! its a cat)

4. A magnified photo of my lips, with lipstick, bright red. (i don't own any lipstick.. sorry)

And the final item on the list...

5. My favourite underwear (hehehehhehehehhe... well it is!!! I hope to own one someday)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ridiculous I Tell You!!!

Its true, ridiculous English songs when translated in to Dhivehi literally sounds more ridiculous. Observe..

That stupid theme song of that kids show hifive!
one two three four hifive!!
ekeh dheyh thineh hathareh athaa ai jahaa!!

Bananas in pajamas?
bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs
nidhaa hedhumuga huri dhonkeyothakeh sidin faibanee

Even spongebob.
who lives in a pineapple under the sea? spongebob square pants!
kaakuhey kanduadeegai inna alaanasieh ga dhiriulhenee? ispanju"bob" hathareskan fatuloonu!

The annoying early 90's rapping,
its my life.. its my life life life!! its my life!!
mee aharenge hayaai.. mee aharenge hayaii hayaii hayaii!! mee aharenge hayaii!!

ice ice baby
gandufen gandufen kuda dharifulhu

...nooo not the beatles!!
lucy in the sky with diamonds
lucy uduga alimas thakaa ekee

now you come up with ones yourselves....

Monday, April 09, 2007

Talking Tree Of The Valley

[click to view larger image]
"The Talking Tree Of the Valley" is a character I made for the new adventures created for Jumanjiwar. So please check Jumanjiwar post "Journey To The Center Of Jumanji" for more info.