Sunday, May 11, 2008

Memoirs of a Doormat

Dad: hey doormat come home from office right now. Its late!
Doormat: But dad I cant just leave all these important work which is due this week.
Dad: HAH! silly mat you talk like you have a choice.

Boss: Why aren't all these important work you have to complete not finished on time!
Doormat: Sir I have to go home also, cant stay all night doing this work.
Boss: Your lack of patriotism for this firm disgusts me. You are on the black list including all the other employees whom I hate.

Girlfriend: DOORMAT!! Why have you been not calling me. You are supposed to call me everyday all the time.
Doormat: But love!! I cant call you these days because Im kinda broke and busy at office. Please understand dhooni...
Girlfriend: I hate you Doormat. If you love me you would always call me and send me chocolates even if you are broke.

HotGIRL@office: Hey Doormat.. would you mind doing my office work? I would flirt with you and give you a false pretense so you'll think ud have a chance of sleeping with me??
Doormat: I.. gleep.. hmm errr... flush
HotGIRL@office: Thanks Doormat! *squeezes breasts and sealing the deal* You are a life saver.

FakeFriend: Hey Partey!! hingaa saidheyn!!
Doormat: Dude Im kinda saving..
FakeFriend: Hey Partey hama aharunveema mihaaru sayeh ves nudhey.. kada golayeh.

Then Doormat found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him and got himself fired from office for sexual assault on the HotGirl@office which happened to be the mistress of Doormats Boss. While his Dad disowned Doormat for the huge embarrassment he caused. Now Doormat resides in jail for use of illegal drugs with his FakeFirend.

The End.