Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fruits of Eternity

I decided to write parts of best selling imaginary fiction novels on my blog, so here are some paragraphs from the imaginary novel "Fruits of Eternity"

Evil as it may seem the Dark Court of Vegetable Enthusiasts, highest priest banned the Tomato from ever returning. For the crime of being a passionate Fruit Seeker. Banished never to return, the Tomato wandered aimlessly in the wild. Eons passed, the luminescence faded away. What is left is that of courage and the will to survive. Centuries of evolutions made it softer and more supple, as if to say.. a Fruit?


Lettuce once again lunged against the Dark Court, armed to the teeth, chanting a spell of destruction. His intent was very clear. He wanted to destroy the the Dark Court once and for all. The light was very bright, a very light blue. With such force he came soaring through the air, the walls shattered to fill the void he left as passed through. The Elder, Broccoli, his eyes flashed. With a strike the light was gone. The radiance went away like dust in the wind. The lettuce was lying face down behind him was the The Elder, Broccoli. In his had the Sword of the Cucumber. Legends were told of the sword of how it was forged in the deepest fryers of the Potato Chips volcano. How centuries ago The Elder, Cabbage defeated the fruits olden age kingdom, the Fruits of Eternity. Because of that sword, the once great and powerful Fruit Seekers live like traveling nomads.
Lettuce lay motionless on the floor. Elder Broccoli smirked and spat on the lifeless body. The Lettuce was gone.


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