Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bandey Dot Com

Finally after months of perspiration and headaches, strained eyes and sore necks, ive been able to finish the mozilla friendly version. My first design was too cumbersome and had too many faults. was not that user friendly and i wasnt just that happy with it.
However my second design i kinda liked it becoz of its sleek lines and smooth look. im quite happy with it. but i still havent put all my useful links and put the finishing touches. i just thought i should put this up so atleast my blog wont look incomplete.
As for the better news i have been working on a project . Its a sort of fun website for all my favourite stuff and cool gadgets that i find interesting, which i want to share it with all of you homies...( :P ) Any how you can check for its updates and latest info from this blog. If you want a direct link, click on the "enter" banner at the top left corner of the side bar.
keep cheking for better stuff...
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