Thursday, June 29, 2006

The (im)mature world of cartoons

OK!! this is my observation on how the maturity ratings goes with the popluar sketch cartoons like southpark, the simpsons, familyguy and the american dad...

simpsons - bart stole a head of a statue and maggie shoots mr.burns

familyguy - stevie breaks brians legs with a bat, throws him down a flight of stairs, breaks a glass jar over hishead so the glass cuts straights to his face becoz he didnt pay him back the money he owe... n chris masturbates behind a couch while her sister meg has her friends over for a sleepover

americandad - stan has bumsex with rodger the alien...

southpark - cartman grindsup a boys parents to chillie and feeds it to him..

so its a pretty self desicive thing. Simpsons is more family orientated but is still has lots of sexual references. Familyguy and the rest is well.. lets just say people who get easily offended shouldnt watch it..

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