Sunday, October 01, 2006

Led-Play with Cold-Straits and Dire-Zepplin

Known to me are the tunes and yet so different but still speaks the same language. I really dont know what I just said. For a minute there I thought I was Yoda.
i-tunes play in the back of my mind and the kings always dominated me. Even starting a sentence with dire- and ending with -epplin keeps me enticed, to the edge of my seat(bed). The masterpieces from begining to end calms and relaxes me (again.. on bed).

[ommit the first paragraph coz it was gibberish]

Coldplay has always depressed me. I dont know why. yellow is suppose to make me feel good and calm but instead it reminds me of harsh and boring sunday afternoons. Apparently telling someone that "I'd bleed myself dry" didnt help me at all. Maybe it was the tone, I dont know.

[here ends the rantings about my hate on coldplay.. I dont know why girls insist that i listen to it]

Direstraits spoke to me. They told me things I never knew about. Some of their souls were happy. which made me dance and enjoy. Some of them were sad yet made me want to fight for more. "And we have just one world, But we live in different ones." Ledzeplin.. (loss of speech) so.. good.. so good.. (cry)(in bed again)

[brothers in arms, sultans of swing, on every street, dyer maker, stairway to heaven, umwah umwah ummmmmmmmwah!!!]

I have yet to find a "SANE" girl who loves them kings... (the zepllins and the straits) I would marry her right here right now!!! (the bed comes a little later.. )

Update : I was wrong! coldplay isnt as horrible to me as I said before. I listened to 'swallowed in the sea' and it wasnt terrible, it was kinda nice actually. But 'yellow' has to be the most annoying song still!!

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