Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Drag - Ons

Any fan of the 'The Last Unicorn' around? Yeah you know what im talking about. the annoying cartoon that used to show almost everyday when we were kids on TVM. After a decade or so the theme songs to the Last Unicorn became a hit, the story was phenomenal. We all realised it only after a decade or so, I wonder why? But truely it was a movie way ahead of its time. With famous actors as voice cast such as 'Jeff Bridges' as Prince Lir, and 'Christopher Lee' (yes the guy who played Saruman in Lord of th rings) as King Haggard.

I once saw another cartoon like 5 years ago again on TVM. Which has a bad habbit of showing half of the movie over and over again. I only saw the end of it and never knew the name of this great movie with magic, dragons, damsels, ogres, knights wizards and elves. I loved the story instantly already being a fan of the alst unicornand 2 years back i was boringly wavering through the internet when i saw a picture of a green wizard from the movie I saw 3 years ago. I quickly read the title and it said 'The Flight of Dragons'.

IMDB was very helpful, it told me that the movie was directed by the same people who directed 'The Last Unicorn' (blooming best news ever). After 2 years finally today I have got the movie in my hands safely written to my hardrive. (oh thank you torrents)

It has this intresting view which takes us through a scientific perspective through the magical world. The voice cast also includes famous actors such as the late 'John Ritter' as the voice of Peter Dickenson and 'James Earl Jones' as the evil wizard Ommadon.

I enjoyed every bit of it. The story was magnificant. I dont want to give away anything so I'll stop before I get carried away. But please do see it. It wont dissapoint you.

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