Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Windows Live Writer beta

This post is posted by using the windows live writer. Its developed to be used for Windows live spaces but can also be used by Blogger, Wordpress and others.

Its pretty cool easy to use interface helps you to type and view howthe finished post will look like before it is posted.

Download it here.

Bit of features from the site.

• Edit your entries using your blog's standard headings, fonts, colors, etc.

• Easily switch between HTML source-code editing, WYSIWYG editing, and Web preview modes

• See exactly what your post will look like before you upload it

• Compose posts even when you're not connected to the Internet

• Insert photos, maps, and other graphics

• Change the size of your graphics, and add borders and other effects

• Create thumbnail images that link to larger versions

• Easily upload photos directly to your blog provider (if it supports the new Media Object API), or to an FTP server

• Compose posts for Windows Live Spaces as well as Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, and many other services

• Easily work with RSD (Really Simple Discoverability), the Metaweblog API, and the Movable Type API

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