Friday, September 29, 2006

unknown.title : creativity needs no name

My old blog template was a bit cramped up and dark looking. It needed space to breath. I seareched around the net for a simple template and found this one Andreas03. The name 'unknow.title : creativity needs no name' it suits this blog very nicely, atleast I think so.

I hate blogger. Theres some problem with the publishing of my blog. It keeps showing 0% for like 5 minutes or even more then only it publishes. Thats why it took me ages to make changes to this template.

I also had to include the post between *<(p)><(/p)> tags to keep it aligned nicely, otherwise it looks very messy. So anyway hope with this change better and more interesting articles will popup. Cheers! (This post will prolly take ages to publish)

* ignore ( )

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