Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fauziya The Cat

This post is dedicated to my homies cat fauziyya. See, Fauziyya is white fluffy persian cat. Its potty trained and neutered. (for the illiterate it means that it shits in a box and its peepee is cut off.. **OMG what a inhumane thing to do!!!** get a life you frigging animal perverts!!!) Any way people may now wonder if its a male cat or a female cat. Well its a male cat and it has no peepee or balls. (why do i keep calling it a peepee???) Yet we call it a girls name. Why? well it was originally named 'Prince' but it only responds to the name 'Fauziya', so thats why. It likes to sleep at day time and wake us up at midnight. Doesnt play with expensive toys we buy for it nooo, it gets more amused with balls of tissue or a piece of string. It hates water. Three people can barely hold it so we could get it to take a bath. and after the bath it decides to lick it self clean. Its a very stupid cat, but nontheless its good company. So here are some pictures of Fauziya.

pic 1 . Fauziya sleeping on my feet

pic 2 . Fauziya under a chair (Adorable aint it)

video below . Fauziya licking its ass!! Enjoy!!!

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