Saturday, May 13, 2006

The toilet, the monitor and the wheelie chair..

This is picture of a toilet, a computer monitor and a broken wheelie chair standing on a wall of someplace near swim track in Male'... Now that ive taken this picture let us take an indepth look at it in a very artisticway. (people who hate art and other arty farty stuff may browse to another page from here..)
As the weird little man inside my head who constantly tells me do questionable and suggestive stuff in public says and i quote "touch the leather seats of peoples motor bikes and be aroused, and tell the guy to take you on a ride..." (that made no senses to what im talking about so lets ignore it)
The concept behind this work is i assume to be is "An attempt to stop the filthy mobility, technology has on our lifestyle." To explain this I have to break the picture in to parts.
The Computer Monitor, represents the technology. But the fact that the screen is blank says, "if I was on I would have the power over you."
Next is The Toilet. it represents a daily ritual of our life. Pooing and peeing. And also the uncleanliness in this world has on every society.
Last is The Wheelie Chair. It shows that the wheels are the cogs of movement. The way it is put upside down on wall represents that the artist was trying to stop the filth the technology is trying to push in to our daily society.
Its an inspiring piece of art. How the artist captures it in the most simplest form. Even though I have attempted to translate this wonderful model, the true meaning is always in the stomach of the authour. To bring that out I have to be a freakkin surgeon.

Moral of this review is dont listen to the crap people say, people dont photograph nude models because its very artistically done. They do it because they are friggin bloody horny. Same concept applies for every single critic out there.

I hope to review more random pictures i take in the future, stay in touch...
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