Monday, March 01, 2010

My research for a video project lead me to this article on Wikipedia. "List of Sultans of the Maldives"

This list shows different dynasties of the Maldivian Sultans, starting from Theemugé Dynasty. This information is gathered from the earliest historical text of the Maldives, The Lōmāfānu Copper Plates. These copper plates are written in ancient Evey-la akuru (ancient Dhivehi text derived from early Sanskrit) and holds a detailed history starting from King Koimala. He was the first king to rule whole of Maldives including the Island Maliku. Before King Koimala, most of the Northern regions of Maldives were under Indian Rule. Only six Kings before King Koimala were recorded in the Lōmāfānu plates. These kings belonged 'Adhitta Dynasty' and 'Homa Dynasty'.
'Adhitta' and 'Homa' means 'Sun' and 'Moon' respectively also referred as 'Solar god' and 'Lunar god' of early Buddhism in the Maldives. These two names are used the modern Dhivehi calendar as 'Sunday' and 'Monday'.

[caption id="attachment_305" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="A Plate of the Loamaafaanu Copper Plates"]Loamaafaanu Copper Plate[/caption]

The Lost History

The Lōmāfānu Copper Plates also tells us about another set of even older copper plates called The Maapanansa. These copper plates is said to hold the information of previous ancient dynasties of Maldives, dating earlier than the "Adhitta Dynasty". It is also said to contain the cultural understanding of how ancient Buddhist worked in the Maldives. and different legends and stories of the time.

Princess Kamanhaar of the Lunar Dynasty was banished to the Island 'Is-Midu' (Modern; Meedho, Addu) with her she took the The Maapanansa Copper plates. Later it was buried and destroyed by a man named Al- Muhadhith Hassan. It is believed that the Maapanansa Copper plates were destroyed because it contained details of Buddhist rituals and ceremonies and the Islamic wise men of that time didn't want people to be lead astray by the ancient writings.

Imagine if the Maapanansa Copper plates wasn't destroyed. the Maldivian history would have been very rich and not left with so many questions unanswered. Like where our actual ancestors came from. our culture though from another religion how it was back then.

I dont agree or support on destroying culture in the name of religion. It is a crime against who we are and our ancestry. It denies the future generation of the truth. If you are scared of the world around you changing in to a belief you don't want you or your family to be subjected to, do not erase it from our history. Keep it as a reminder of how better you are now, and teach the future to be more tolerant and understanding of other people, cultures, races and religions. Hope in the future we wont loose any more cultural icons because of reasons like this.
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