Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Procrastination Delusion

Since the invention of fast and quick social media and hand held smart devices and its booming use to my everyday needs, I have found myself neglecting some of the things I used to enjoy doing. Blogging, reading, listening to music, playing music, drawing, painting, video games, cooking, exercise and self hygiene. There are lots of other things I regret ignoring but lets leave it at that.

The realization came a bit too late I guess. Now I am thrice the man in weight and half (or none of) the man in morale, character, and every other attribute I used as my own personality. You could describe me well as the poster boy for most of the seven sins. I am a shame on mankind.

I am reviving this blog to assert my roots. To take back what I have lost. To gain confidence. To give back. To rid the procrastination. To awake from delusion. To atone my sins. In saying so I recite bismi, and open with this post a new chapter to my life.

Now here is a picture of a cat walking funny..

"herpitty derpitty walkitty walk- kitty"
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