Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Petition

So I was reading through Iya's latest post "Be an asshole.. Be happy" and its about girls falling for dead beat jerks while the nice guys are there to pick up the scraps. (which is true! theres a reason why a website called "crazymaldivians" was made)
As you read along to the bottom to see the comments you find one pent up character "rundin thalhaa". He is such an enthusiastic character that I decided (out of my own kind will mind you) to start a petition to get "HOT GIRLS" to like him. So please fell free to sign up the petition (by commenting i guess...) and if we get 10 individuals to sign the petition... I dont know. Lets see what will happen from there shall we.

oh and the gay petition. sign up for that too by commenting :P
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