Thursday, April 10, 2008

If Things Were Opposite...

  • Wataniya. Lifes crap, Keep it to yourself.
  • C-False Opticals, a Circus mirror making company
  • Johnson and Johnson "Lot More Tears" formula.
  • Maldives the Sunny Side of Life (yes, that IS the opposite)
  • Maimeehaa ah emme rangalhee kuda dharifulhuge kiru???!!!
  • Hitler was a Peruvian midwife named Hitlera.
  • No Internet porn
  • Sergey Brin and Larry page open a peepshow in their basement called "Google"
  • Macrohard is a penal enhancement surgery innovated by Dr.Bill Gates
  • Gmail is Avasmail.
  • Maldivian Movies, A.K.A. Mollywood (seriously they use that) would be making world wide blockbusters.
  • Seezan, Seaxan.. wateva, would be Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Anni would be the President of United States.
  • Youppe' would be Mono and Mono would be Youppe' (kekeke.. inside joke)
  • Jumanji would have more hair on his head and less on his body.
  • Hunger, poverty and war would still be as it is.
  • Gang fights would be resolved with Street dancing. (in that case would be illegal)
  • All girls are virgins and will claim that they are sluts.
  • Hideously Fat chicks would be Hot!
  • Ichiban!! Lipstick for men.
  • You would have to read this blog from another dimension.
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