Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dhivehi Songs On My Blog

[Since my website went down my blog doesn't support any of the mentioned songs to download anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.]
To make your stay or visit or pass by through this blog more soothing I have put an MP3 Player on my Bloggie (Thanks to FLAMplayer v1.55). And its filled with Dhivehi songs!! So have a blast people!!
Heres a list of songs I have for you to listen n download..
[click me to go to song download page]

Abdul Ganee - Theyravaa
Absee - Eyzamaana
Ali Rameez - Ummeedh
Appi - Barahanaa
Appi - You Belong
Bodu Beru - Roa Tho Vey
Bodu Beru - Vachuvarey
Bodu Beru - Roohudhee
Bodu Beru - Yathiara
D.I.B. - Mee Noorthoa
D.I.B. - Farivaaney Guldhan
D.I.B. - Mamma Midhey Ihthiraam
D.I.B. - Kiyaa Dhoothakun
D.I.B. - Hoadhaa
D.I.B. - Thin Lafzun
D.I.B. - Dhaathee Dhen
D.I.B. - Hiyaaluvee Dheevanaa
D.I.B. - Roohu Dhiruveyne
D.I.B. - Mee Dhivehiraahjey
D.I.B. - Thiya Loabeega
D.I.B. - Angaanulaa Dhen Nudhey
D.I.B. - Dhin Nazar
D.I.B. - Fazaaey Dhihlanee
D.I.B. - Moosum Gulhey
D.I.B. - Madhadhu Gaa
D.I.B. - Mithurey
Fasy - Been A Long Long Time
Fasy - Painted In Black
Fasy - Rising
Fasy - Your Betrayal
Fasy - Rythem Of The Wave
Hassan Ibrahim - Ehkibaa
Illsight - Bikahaalugaa
Illsight - Curse
Illsight - Eheelun
Illsight - Hayaaiy
Illsight - Lies
Illsight - Vettuneemaa
Jameela Hassan - Ekuveri Vafaatheri
Jameela Hassan - Nooru Nooru
Jameela Hassan - Nooru Nooru (Remix)
Mezzo - Udun Tharithah
Mezzo - Roalhi
Mezzo - Visna Visna
Mezzo - Ehurenge Haalu
Mezzo - Fathihu Feney
Mezzo - Fathihu Fini
Mezzo - Marey Mithuraa
Mezzo - Miyoh Dhuniyeeh
Mezzo - Roanu Edhuru
Mezzo - Vejje Kamakaa
Naanu - Hudhuparee
Naifaru Dhohokko - Shaadhee Gaanaa
Naifaru Dhohokko - Jaazbee Asarugadha
Olympians - Hoadhey Gulayzaar
Olympians - Fikuray
Olympians - Ey Zamaan
Olympians - Dhuniyey farivaa
Olympians - Saharoa
Olympians - Beyvafaa
Olympians - Aaakuhjekey
Olympians - Loabi Magey
Olympians - Asar Deyney Nethee
Olympians - Nunidheyhaa Sazaa
Olympians - Gisleveythee Mithaa
Olympians - Ey Handhaa
Olympians - Veynee Vaarey
Olympians - Karuna Mi Ohoray
Olympians - Ey Loabivaa Malaa
Rythem Stick Command - An'naanamey
Rythem Stick Command - Chaabook
Rythem Stick Command - Hushiyaarey
Rythem Stick Command - Kaasimaa majaa
Rythem Stick Command - Kashavarey annanamey
Rythem Stick Command - Raiveribey
Rythem Stick Command - Ran Kamanaa
Sameeu - Hooru Kanbaafulhu
Sameeu - Balabala
Sameeu - Beynunveemaa
Sameeu - Fariparee
Sameeu - Nudhaashe Dhookohfaa
Sameeu - Handhuavru Thakun
Sameeu - Bulbul Ehee Dheynuhey
Trio - Chaaley
Trio - Raarukugaa
Zero Degree Atoll - Envaguvee
Zero Degree Atoll - Falivalhu
Zero Degree Atoll - Fashan
Zero Degree Atoll - Fehima Libaas
Zero Degree Atoll - Haakaali Buruvaali
Zero Degree Atoll - Heyambo
Zero Degree Atoll - Heyambo (remix)
Zero Degree Atoll - Hus Fuloak
Zero Degree Atoll - Kalhu Bulhaleh
Zero Degree Atoll - Kalhu Soru
Zero Degree Atoll - Maru Fali
Zero Degree Atoll - Miskithu vakaru
Zero Degree Atoll - Reethi Handhuvaru
Zero Degree Atoll - Thakurah Baheh

[more to come]
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