Tuesday, February 23, 2010

List of Alibis/Reasons the Island Aviation Pilot could have “Accidentally” sent the Hijack Code

So Island Aviation is in a bit of a blunder. One of the planes sent a hijack code while trying to depressurize the cabin, in SriLankan air space. So heres a list of alibis/reasons the pilot could have "accidentally" done it.

  • "OK which one of you goons switched the labels of  "HIJACK CODE" with "DE-PRESSURE"??? "

  • "What does this button do?"

  • Co-Pilot - " I  DARE you!!"

  • Pilot "This button lets you say "Hi" to Jack over at Srilankan Air Traffic Control".
    Co-Pilot "Who's Jack? and why do we need to say "Hi" to him?"...

  • "The New Flight attendant was so HOTT, and I got a boner... yea its that long!!"

  • It was my Co-Pilot's birthday and we all were playing twister...

  • The voices in my head told me to do it!!

  • Shanmoon Beybes video was horrible and I panicked and I was trying to switch it off.... gawd!! the horror!!! soo small!!

  • HIJACK.. or AUTOPILOT... I got confused!!!

  • Co-Pilot - " I  DOUBLE DARE YOU!!"

Link to Actual Story on Haveeru (Dhivehi)

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