Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hello Victim, Lets Play A Game

Sorry for the late post. got a bit busy. for those who don't know, me and bulhaa played a game. we gave each a list of things to do and post them on the blog as proof. (even though bulhaa cheated a lot)
click here for bulhaa's list.

So below is the list of things bulhaa gave me..

1. A tampon box (so i cant find the difference between pads and tampons)

2. Me in a bra shop next to a bra. (wasnt as awkward as i thought, even with my manboobies)

3. The drawing I promised bulhaa. (surprise!!! its a cat)

4. A magnified photo of my lips, with lipstick, bright red. (i don't own any lipstick.. sorry)

And the final item on the list...

5. My favourite underwear (hehehehhehehehhe... well it is!!! I hope to own one someday)
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