Monday, February 26, 2007

Cure For A Creativity Block

So I have been having a block for quite some time now. Prolly for about 2 months. I seriously couldn't get my creative mind rolling the way it used to roll. So have been sulking about it all this time. Unlike some people my day to day life depended on my innovative thinking. The fear of thinking you have lost your touch completely, or grown too old or sumthing sumthing kept buzzin around my head. The karma was bad and I had a feeling that I was out of my own element.
Then the cure came. The answer had been there in my face all this time. For some people it comes as a falling apple or a sign of god. Mine came when I was sleeping in my bed.
It cured me yet I broke my bed. You know you are fat when the bed you sleep on falls apart while you slept. I had a falling sensation during my sleep (Everyone does so i considered this was normal) then a huge bang came and I didn't know what the heck was going on. (Which wasn't normal) By the time I realized, I was lying sideways on an awkward angle on my bed. But took me a while to wake up fully and realize that I broke my bed. (It was made of metal ladies and gentlemen) Was too lazy to fix it up so slept on the floor that night.
Well it sorta made me aware that I was a bit round around the edges than before. OK FINE!! Im fat and weigh like 95Kg. HAPPY??
I had been so happy with myself lately that I had let all of my guard down. (People you shouldn't do that coz I used to weigh 75KG) My creativity, sense of humor and sarcasm had all been a facade for the insecurity of myself. I don't know whether if its a good thing or a bad thing. Its a sight to behold when you see a fat man realizing how worthless his man boobies and jellyroll tummy is. Yet beautiful in a sad way when his reality turns to self loath that changes him completely.
The darkside overflows within me now. I am.. Darth Vader... BWAHAHAHAAHA .. *wheeez geeesh*...

p.s. in my defense, the bed was rusted n old and had very tiny hinges.
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