Monday, October 04, 2004

Ah, Glorious Spring.

hmmm the smooth and warm spring. season of bloom and love. birds chirping. bees buzzing, and hay fever...
blasted hay fever. just when u think everything is going really cool u get hayfever. " its common" they say, "itll be all over less than a week" they said. BAH!!! i feel awful. im cold and my temperatures goin up. i keep sneezing non stop. theres nothing glorious about spring...
it may be really nice and sunny oneday and rainy and unhillariously bitter cold the next day. cant mother nature make up its mind???
i think natures going through some tough mood swings. and not only the hay fever what about the sweeping birds. yes birds sweep from the sky and attack on unsuspecting pedestrians. "no dont harm them, the birds are just defending their territory, they have babies to protect" thats what the people on tv says. if u ask me i would probably kill each and every bird i see even if they are harmless or dead lying on the street. spit on the birds corpses.

any ways here is last months poll on what u guys thought of your fav. tv series should be.

yes and the winner is SMALLVILLE by 42%. in the second the three sisters of charmed celbrates with 25% of the votes. in third we have the new series THE OC. In fourth we have two winners, LAW AND ORDER and DARK ANGEL. and at the least we have THE PRACTICE. hmm i guess no one likes the practice.

any way this months poll is about where u would go out to eat so dont be shy vote. i dont care if u vote a thoudand times just vote.ok cool
bandey citizens u all are great people. :D
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