Saturday, June 05, 2004


[click on the name to play the game]

A CASE OF THE CRABS [a classic detective adventure... slash casablanca]

ANGRY OLD WIZARD [gandalf on a rampage]

ANTCITY [yes you are god with a magnifying glass]

DEFEND THE CASTLE [the scary stickmen have invaded... defend our castle]

DYNASTY STREET [action packed stick combat game - long load, but worth it]

GOLDMINER [ah.. mining for gold.. an addictive little game]

LEGO WORLD BUILDER [command and conquer in lego land]

LORD OF THE RINGS: BATTLE [lord of the rings turnbased fighter]

MEGAMAN VS GHOSTSNGOBLINS [YES..the megadrive game is back!!]

PUNK-O-MATIC [the mtv music generator flash version, pretty cool music generator]

ROCKFACE [rescue the stranded by jumping of a chopper]

SAMOROST [really weired game, it won awards for it]

STICK RPG [you woke up one day to find that... you have become 2D gasp!!]

STICK FIGURE PENALTY : CHAMBER 2 [Warning.. this game contains excessive violence and gore and is not or the faint of heart]

SWRON [really cool johnny quest lightbikes with snake like style]

THE CLASSROOM [cheat your way throught the exam... metal gear style!]

TROGDOR [the fire breathing dragon you are]
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