Friday, May 05, 2006

Bandey's Cool Factor II

Ok this edition of BCF we are going to look at upcomming interesting movie titles and who and who are playing the infamous characters.

  1. Casino Royale (the new 007 movie) - Its the new James Bond movie. And the best part is its not played by that prissy twat Pierce Brosnan. no no no... This is a whole new Bond where 007 is played by Daniel Craig (Munich, The Jacket).
  2. Superman Returns - Supermans back. the plot, superman (played by Brandon Routh) mysteriously dissapears and returns to stop the evil Lex Luthor (played by non other than the great Kevin Spacey) I dont want to give most of it away so I'll just let you decideafter reading there plot on there website
  3. Transformers : The Movie - Yes the coolest robots of robots history is back. Optimusprime of the Autobots and the villan Megatron from the Decepticons will battle it out in earth. some of the confiremd casts include Shia LeBeouf from the Disney TV series "EvenSteven".
  4. The Zodiac - The movie for the most famous serial killer in the history. Cast include Dustin Chambers from Greys Anatomy, and Robin Tunney from the hist TV series.
  5. Pirates of the Carribean II : Deadmans Chest - The sequel to the hit film starring Johnny Depp.

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