Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bandey's Cool Factor

I have been wandering the internet and finding amusing stuff which makes me wanna tell a lot of people. But theres no one around. So i came up with this brilliant way to post things i find on the net wich are cool and post them here. Sort of like an episode :D

  1. Dream Rims - this dude had made flashing leds on his car rims when spins makes the rims looks like a picture. the coolest thing about this is you can put what ever you like on the rims. check out the video.
  2. Titanic 2 - Some one went the extra mile and took a couple of clips from movies and made this Trailer for Titanics Sequel. cool factor is it isnt real. but it looks like its gonna be a bloody good movie :D
  3. Photoshop God - this guy made this picture on his photoshop. non of it is an actual photographic picture. every single bit of it is made in photoshop. apprently the imgae has over 15,000 layers.
  4. 10 Worst Game Controllers - speaks for itself.
  5. Flying Car - Google Earth captured an image of a flying car. it could be a hoax or a prank. it could even be Harry Potter.
So thats the Cool Facts for now.
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