Friday, October 22, 2004

The Matrix Effect

Yes u have all heared about the matrix movies and its trilogies and its revolutionary effects. But this is about taking it to whole new level. Have you ever experienced "The Matrix Effect" real life?
People say that this all could be bull crap but it happened. (sounds dramatic.. but let me get to my point). Today i was walking to the supermarket, it was raining, the roads were wet it was 5:00pm so every body was in a hectic to go home. i was with my umbrella near the light crossing. i was waiting for the red man to turn green and spread his legs so i can cross the street, thats when i saw the cars passing infront of me and this one car came from a block away trying to catch the green light. Thats when it happend. Every thing litterly slowed to snails pace. the red car whic was trying to catch the green light driven by a chinese lady, and the white car slowly going with the flow of traffic also driven by a chinses lady. (man there are lot of chinise ladies around).
I could see that the red car cant stop in time for the traffic. as it slowly sped to its crash course, i looked at the white car, the lady was unexpectantly driving the car unaware of what is going to happen in the next few seconds. then i looke at the red car and i saw the horro in the face of the driver as she realised that its too late. (this all happend in slow motion and zoomed up camera angles.. i cant explain).
then the inevitable happened. the red car lady screamed before it crashed. the white car lady didnt even expect it. the two cars collided. the red car rear ending the white car.the heaad lights exploded. u could literally see the impact blast and the explosive glass shatter outwards. the small reminants of the once headlights and rear lights hovered slowly in the air as it sprayed across the road. and the two drivers jerked fowards.
Then it all ended. it was back to normal pace. the shattered glass sprayed with clatter the traffic also slowed down, and the red man turned green. i crossed the street looking at the devastation. no one was hurt fortunately. just a typical rear ending. But i stil lthink about the fact hy i saw all of it happen?
why the hell did it all slow down? mind games... u never know...!!
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